India Ideas Conclave 2022 - Did you See Om Swami ji's session on 22-May-2022 there?


Sharing the link to the conference where Swami ji spoke on 22-May-2022. 
This has been shared in many Whatsapp/Telegram groups, but if you were not there, thought you may find it interesting.
(After 2hrs, 54 mins, 40 sec onwards)

My notes 

Swami Vivekananda story - In your country it the clothes makes gentlemen, in my country it is the character that makes a gentle. 

That stayed with me.  As a nation, what is our character?

What is the basis of existence. How did we survive all the changes across 1000’s of years despite invaders. We did not let go of our culture/Dharma and hence we survived.

Krishna says - Get up and fight (BG 2.xx).
There comes a moment in every nation, where they have to decide what is important to them. 

Husband/Wife -40th anniversary - white roses - peace over love (red roses).

After 75 years of independence, we need strong foundation. 
Should we be shying away from religion in the name of progress.

When you can see technology, it is not mature. It should be seamless.

Spirituality should be integral, not a separate part of our existence.
Our strength has been our religion - sense of ideology, and what our roots are.

What will be my anchor if I am disconnected to roots?
Samskara - Spiritual upbringing.

That void can be filled by Samskara - when in tough times. Nothing ever goes waste.
Why read the same book? Basket with sieve story.

Meditation is not separate.
Religion - as part of daily devices we use. [Sadhana app]

How do we respond when people are rude, or tough circumstances are there. That shows how we have progressed on spirituality.
More interaction. More action, not reflection.

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Jai Shri Hari! Thank you so much for sharing this link. 🙂


Thank you for sharing…plz keep sharing like videos of our beloved Swamiji. A lots of Gratitude 🙏🏻


Thanks a lot for sharing sir. I was unaware of this.


Thank you so much for sharing Ravi ji. Jai shri Hari 


Thanks so much for sharing this, Ravi! I had no idea and I am so looking forward to watch it.  🤗


Thanks Ravi ji. Was not aware of this


Thank you for sharing 


. Thanks for sharing, sir. Jai Shri Hari 


Thank you so much for sharing ☺️


Thanks for Sharing, Jai SriHari 🙏🌺

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