Jai Sri hari everyone this question is regarding making work as worship


I would love to know your ways of making work (office, business or any other) as worship.. how do you remember God even at work when you are surrounded by ten other different types of people 

Thank you 😊

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Narayani, your question inspires me to recount a little known story that might already be known to you but worth recounting yet again :). It  goes something like this: 

A man was walking down a busy street on a hot sweltering day when he came upon 3 stone masons sitting at a distance from one an other hammering away at 3 big boulders. Somehow the sight of them aroused the mans curiosity and he walked up to the first stone mason and enquired what he was doing

STONE MASON #1: What am I doing?? Im trying to feed my family! Thats what Im doing...

The man nodded but was curious to hear what the other two men had to say about their work. So he walked upto the second mason and made the same inquiry.

STONE MASON #2: What am I doing?? ARE YOU BLIND OR WHAT?? Cant you see Im trying to break this damn boulder apart..he snapped, wiping sweat off his forehead.

Finally the man walked upto the third mason and with a little trepidation ventured to ask him the same question.

The third stone mason beamed at the man and with a broad smile he replied

STONE Mason #3: Sir! I am building a magnificent temple for the lord!!

Thats the difference between work and worship. Perspective. You see all 3 of them were doing the exact same activity, what made the difference lies in how they were doing it. If you can put the work you are doing in a broader context and make it a kind of mission as opposed to simply a job that you do to earn a living, you will be able to see the divine in what you do and your work will become worship and vice versa.

Hope this was useful. 



“Making work worship” is an act. Strive to make worship your “state”, then whatsoever happens outwardly is nothing but worship! 

How to start?!

1. Drown in gratitude!

2. The first point when done right creates a deep sense of contentment.

3. A content inner environment nourished with gratitude is the absolute bedrock of building a state of worship in your being.

It’s really that easy! Now the practice of it requires consistent effort:))

Are you up for it?

Immense love,



Making work as worship by - 

Paying tax correctly

Treat subordinates properly

No to below table activities

No bribe for work to be done


I recently started beginning my work day with some chanting dedicated to my Guru and Sri Hari. This makes me feel like my work is one of the various Sadhanas that I am going to undertake in my life. And I end my day with a closing chant as well, to signify that that day's Sadhana is done. 🙂  If I am doing some work that doesn't require too much concentration, I listen to bhajans and kirtan's as well while working.

Edit: I also express gratitude to Swami ji and Sri Hari at the end of the day for being with me and helping me throughout the day 🙂

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