Query related to Level 2 Initation application confirmation receipt through mail


Jai Sri Hari

Anyone who have applied for Level 2 Initiation received a mail confirmation after applying or you just got a prompt. Level 1 initates got a confirmation from jotform but I did not get any confirmation. Suspect whether my mail has blocked it or if i have entered a wrong mail id, hence this query.

7 Answers

I too have not received, my refresh button has overworked today😌


No my mother too had applied for the level 2 initiation form but hasn't received a response yet , another aunt of mine also applied and she too hasn't received her answer , do I suppose the answers for level 2 forms are yet to be givenĀ 


For level 1 initiation, we received a copy of our responses from jot form after submission.Ā 


No, for Level 2 initiation we did not get a confirmation e-mail that the response has been recorded.Ā 


As Iā€™m at ashram right now, here two of devotees got confirmation mail for level 2 initiation, by yesterday.


I am also waiting


Have patience

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