Tips needed for temple design to avoid carbon soot from lamp.


Om Sri Hari!

Please advise if you know any tips to mitigate stains from carbon soot in the room coming from puja lamp when temple is located in a corner of a larger study room. 



3 Answers

[26/08, 08:31] Mansi Om: Keep the lamp in a glass case
[26/08, 08:32] Mansi Om: And use shudh ghee
[26/08, 08:32] Mansi Om: Milawat wale ghee se soot nikalta h


Hi Mihir.. Use ghee for lighting lamp instead of oil.Flame from ghee does not create black smoke. Jai Shree Hari 🙏


Many thanks for sharing your this tip Meera Ji and Anu Jee. Grateful ! 

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