What are the best online platforms for reading current affairs and daily news?


What are the best online platforms for reading current affairs and daily news?

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I am assuming this is for competitive exams. If that is so, it largely depends on the exam you are preparing for.

However some common sources are

1. Affairs Cloud - Most comprehensive source for daily current affairs.

Daily CA is free

Weekly, Monthly, Yearly are paid 

2. Other free sources are - Adda247, GradeUp, TestBook

(Apart from AffairsCloud daily CA, Free sources are not totally dependable as they discontinue their weekly /monthly magazines anytime) You can also find their apps on play store. 

3. IndiaBix - Important source of daily CA quiz. (I've heard that other apps copy paste CA Quiz from this website)

4. YouTube channels for UPSC - Khan GS Research Centre, StudyIQ, Study Glows, World Affairs

(even if one is not preparing for UPSC, above mentioned channels are great sources for non-biased news.)

5. Tip - Focus more on Reading and Revising as its easy to forget CA. Try not to depend on YouTube channels for daily news. Instead focus on Retaining the news. Remember the exam will be in read and answer/ mark option format and not in spoken question - answer form. So it is better that aspirants read their daily news content.

6. Revise Daily, Weekly, Monthly 

7. All the best 🙂

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