What are the lights coming in mind while meditation..! ?


What are the lights coming in mind while meditation..! ?

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These are just signs you are meditation is on the right track. They don't last forever. If you concentrate on that you will be stuck. Be grateful for the experience but don't pay to much attention to it.


You're a being of light. After having done a few thousands of hours of meditation, I begin to appreciate this statement. Indeed, as your concentration lengthens, powerful sensations along with magnificent bright light continue to build up. So much so that it can fill most of your brain during meditation and a portion continues to stay with you while walking, sitting etc. (It may not stay all the time; in some sessions, the darkness may prevail with some lighting coming and going.)

You may get excited when you experience it initially; just continue with your concentration on the object of meditation which brought you here in the first place.

It's a long journey with lot of magnificent experiences on the way. Just enjoy the scenic landscapes as you ride through them, never abandoning the journey until the destination arise. You can, however, take a moment or two to pause and experience the beauty of the current scenery.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏

  • It's normal, it's fine. Rather, it's often a sign of progress
  • There's often a tendency to get distracted in excitement, but it's important to try to stay even, enjoy as long as it lasts, and let it pass
  • Focus on your practice, slowly it will build up

What it is? As much I have researched and experienced firsthand, it's the light of subtle bodies and sign of intense concentrationĀ 

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