What are your absolutely non negotiables for everyday?


Hello! Wonderful Folks!

I’ve been mulling on my own personal and spiritual journey thus far and am taking some serious stock as I’m wont to roughly at some point every year and the question I asked myself this time was “what would be my absolute non negotiables of everyday?” Unlike a daily routine- it is really about the things we do, no matter how the day is or will turn out- i.e. this is something that must be done- not necessarily as a strict time based routine- but done definitely by actively seeking out time on a hectic day or not but definitely pursuing it at some point and completing it.

For instance - Prayer and Gratitude and Spending some quality 1x1 time with my little one is a must do no matter when I do it (because some days will be crazy).

Getting up early used to be a non negotiable till last year but I don’t foresee myself doing it for another few months on account of some work loads that often see me awake in the serious dead of the night. 

So, I’m curious - given that most of us have worldly something or the other knocking at our doors - what are your absolute non negotiable? Must do’s despite anything.

I have a selfish motive by asking this question which is to better myself both mentally and spiritually 😊and I am grateful for all the suggestions I will receive from you 🙏🏼.

Jai Shri Hari 🙏🏼

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Hi dearest!

I was here for my daily dose of wisdom from Swami and there was your wonderful question! Never thought it that way..."My Non-Negotiables!" Your question blessed me with the much needed pause. Immense gratitude for that!

As I look back, I do have a few stuff I haven't missed for a long time, come what may, fever, cramps, death of family members, exams and all the other lemons that the life keeps throwing one after the other. Ah! I wish Life was a bit less punctual! 😓 

So, 'my non-negotiables' would be-

1) Morning Meditation (Given in The Ancient Science of Mantras in the chapter, 'Daily Duties of an Adept') - Basically starting my day with my Guru (After all. He's gonna be partner in all my crimes throughout the day! Hi-Hello-Chaai zaroori hai!😀)

2) Making the Bed- the 1st task. Sets the action mode on for the rest of the day (Again, taught by Swamiji, the Supreme antidote to my laziness!😍)

3) Morning Bath- 2nd task throughout all the seasons (My mother is the happiest and she blesses Swamiji everyday for this.😆)

4) Morning Sadhana - Like Ravi bhaiya, not partaking any food and no liquid except water before completing this. By the grace of Swamiji, even during traveling, this rule has remain intact. (Master is a sweetheart!😍)

5) Evening Sadhana - (Din mein do baar haazri naa lagaao toh Isht humaare kaddu jaisa muh banaa lete hain! Chhoti bachchi kya kya sambhaale ab!😝)

6) Meditation before bed - Perfectly ending the day with the One with whom it was started, My Beloved Master (and thanking Him for cleaning all the mess that I created throughout the day!😉)

7) Not lying 'mansaa-vaachaa-karmanaa' - Staying extremely mindful not to indulge in any kind of lies (come what may!) either through words, thoughts or in conduct. Have made my share of blunders in this part but have always resumed the next moment itself. It hurts my Guru when His babies lie. (Won't recommend at all. You will end up being utterly alone in life. Not unhappy. But alone. No masala. No TRP. But your connection with your Guru and Isht will become unbreakable. You will sleep like a baby.😇)

8) Meditation on Shamshaan and Burning Pyre - (Point 7 can be draining😓. Choosa hua aam ban sakta hain insaan dimaag se! Hence, this. It keeps the psyche safe and sound...well-protected from the trauma and pain of abandonment suffered because of point 7).

Phew! 8 points. And my mom calls me "Bandar Kism ki Ladki" for not being disciplined! She's gotta read this.😝

Thank you, didi dearest. Loads of love.❤️ 

  • Follow daily practice given by Guru as part of initiation. Remembering God/his name as much as possible
  • Eating any food only after morning prayer is done.
    Currently I am trying to do the below 2 as a practice.  Not saying it is an non-negotiable, but am trying
  • Stay mindful - and keep an eye on 
    • untrue statements (current practice)  - Practice Truthfulness in other words
    • ego (current practice) - Practice getting to Ego less state, as much as possible
  • Talking with inner voice/Isht
  • Taking out some time to spend in silence
  • Spending some time with nature- in a garden or even just in open air under sky
  • Staring at the vast sky
  • Praying as soon as I open my eyes 
  • mantra chant
  • meditation on black lotus
  • Sadhana on App
  • yoga asana practice 
  • walking in nature
  • sitting in silence
  • eating more mindfully- currently working on this one 
  • speaking more gently - currently working on this one 
  • reading
  • writing

I have a friend, with whom I share a shloka of Bhagwad Geeta with meaning from Swami Mukundanda's website, daily without fail. He does the same, every morning! 

Hare Krishna!


Give love to everyone I come across:) 


For me, it is very simple. Below list, used to be nonnegotiable for me, but now it has been become me:

Impeccable Conduct

Utmost Devotion to my The Divine and my Guruji

No judging - anything and anyone. 

Mantra Japa – as long as my eyes are open

Be kind

Be compassionate

Be attentive 

See the divine in everything and everyone


Be present - no past or future thoughts (this also helps to be non-judgmental)

Love.. love love everyone and everything.

And the most important - Be with my Divine, my Guruji every sec. of my life (including my sleep).

I think other things like getting up early, puja, sadhana, be nice etc. are always there in my life, those do help me focus on my goal, but these are my absolute nonnegotiable.


Jai Sri Hari, Rohinee ji! 

Lots of good suggestions above. On my end, I stick to a morning routine, and then try to block out the first couple of hours for deep work (mostly accompanied by black coffee 😊).

I don’t always succeed but when I do, it’s always great. 


My Lalitasahasrnam jaap in the morning

Brushing my teeth, especially in the night. This one may sound obvious but no matter where I am, what emergency I’m facing, whether bedridden with sickness, away in a plane, train, this is least negotiable.


For me there are only three such things for now 🙂 

1. Workout 

2. Pooja and chanting 

3. Spending some alone time


I honestly need to take some time out and think about this clearly and mindfully, such a great question. When I sit to pray every morning, I pray to my Guru and offer my humble self. I try to remember my Guru before going to bed as well. The other one is always mindfully praying before eating anything. 


Eating food is absolutely non negotiable Rohinee ji 😆

On a serious note


Workout  (min 5 days a week, weight loss is not an outcome till date though 😁)

Remembering Guru

Using BL app

Some quality time, even 10 mins, with my  6 yr old daughter 

Reading- books preferably  but sometimes i falter here so i compensate by reading on phone. 

Thats it

 No sadhna, ritual or any such thing. May lord guide me and give me some wisdom to follow practices mentioned by people here. I need to learn a lot. 

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