What are your core values that form guiding principles for your life?


Om Swami ji says we should have some core values that serve as a moral compass for our actions and choices. What are yours?

I think my core value is giving respect to all;  not discriminating against any one on the basis of race, skin color, religion, country, gender, class, caste or social status. I don’t always succeed, but I try to give the same respect to everyone, at least in my mind.


I live by just two principles

1. I will not intentionally hurt/harm any being

2. I will be totally/brutally honest within myself 


Honesty and Truthfulness are my core values. 


Learn to listen to energies. If you feel something is off while interacting with someone, learn to notice that and protect your energies, give yourself a little time... even before helping them. 

Jai Shri Hari! 😇🌺🌺


Compassion above everything. I fail many times, but my approach is how can I be more compassionate in taking a decision/ how can I be more compassionate in this situation? 


For me truthfulness and not harming any being have been followed to a good extent in last few years such that these have become my default responses usually. It's become difficult for me to even pluck tulsi leaves for eating as herb – something inside just doesn't let me do that. Though I've been somehow able to pluck flowers to offer to God with a consolation that it's for God. I feel it's going to hurt the plant. (Daily meditation practices given by Swamiji and divine grace have an important role in attaining these values.)

Another thing I want to follow is unconditional compassion and non-judgement but I usually fail on that part as judging people and argument for proving the right thing as I see it usually takes over my mind.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


Together, we are perfect - if we combine all our core values. We have empathy, we don’t hurt anyone, we are truthful, honest, chaste, respectful and we follow spiritual practices.  Collectively, we are perfect.


I try to make mine compassion and kindness with humour too. But I don’t always succeed😃


Chastity 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


i have 4 rules/principles 1.Daily meditation 2.Sufficient excercise   3.Truthfulness( never tell a lie for my personal gain or trying to exaggerate things)  4.Always follow my promises/word 


Empathy is mine but I fail with my own blood relations.


1. Take decisions, do not live in dilemma. Being indecisive is worse than taking a decision that turns out wrong. 

2. Help others but do not be obsessed with helping others. Too much of attachment with helping others is like thinking that if i cant help, other person won't get help. But they will still get help. God has plans. So take it easy.

3. You can't keep 100% of people happy 100% of times. Its okay if some are unhappy. They have their own set of problems and i have my own. Move on, things will fall back in place. 

4. Never take self too seriously. Its okay to lose those arguments where your life is not at stake. 

5. Do what is right and as per Dharma and not what is convenient.


As a mere mortal, I am driven by my humanness and deep connection within (that I know about but don't fully understand). As I evolve every day by discovering hidden nuances about me and myself, its expressions, foibles and inadequacies become clearer. My worldly interactions are then so driven.

Cherished human values in my opinion do not need elaboration because we inherently have them all and they lie in various stages of bloom. What is required for its blossoming is true and deep introspection. And introspection can take various forms...


My experiences have made me rather pragmatic and I am completely honest when I say that I lack humour. It's possible that I have empathised too much with other's pain. I can laugh at myself but I can't laugh at others. I have a lot of respect for people who have the ability and talent to make others laugh.😊


Not to hurt anyone.

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