What is the most beautiful thing you did in 2021?



Happy New Year os.me fam! I wish that this year we all inch towards divinity a bit more and spread love to each other with warmest smiles on the planet! Now say- Cheeeeeeeeeeese😁🙏

I would like to know what is the most beautiful or the most daring thing you did the last year that makes you proud today! 

For me, it was eliminating some unwanted people out of my life (unfortunately, I was stuck in such loop for years, and I take full responsibility of that) and I feel so independent and strong now! All Swamiji's grace 🌺🌺. It took me a lot of courage and a stern mind to do that. Surely, once you take a step towards the right direction, things just begin to fall into place and you learn a whole new meaning of happiness altogether which nurtures you like life. Now, tell me yours!

Jai Shri Hari!

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I am sorry, but I am not known for modesty. So here is my 2021 summary:

  • Against All Odds - Became a published author with my first book
  • Back To School - Started my PhD Journey at Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode- resumed studies after 22 years. Its never too late to learn.
  • Read 131 books - It was a blockbuster year in reading. Mostly thanks to audiobooks.
  • Clocked 2200 kms of running/walking cycling on Strava.
  • Mindfulness Meditation using the App from Black Lotus Technologies - 20-30 mins daily
  • Mentoring - Got recognised as a Gem of a Mentor by Niti Ayog and was honoured to be the Regional Mentor of Change for Atal Innovation Mission program.
  • Started learning Indian classical singing online from Shri Umesh Tarkaswar ji. It's been quite a learning to embrace such an important skill.

Looking forward to 2022 with lot more positivity!


Beautiful question, Suguna!

For me the most beautiful thing was probably trying to uplift people, being there for those who needed it the most and also realising what life wanted from me:)

Eager to see what others say😁

Happy new year to you beautiful one!😁💞


Happy new year Sugunaji, the most thing that happened to me ( happened because it happened by pure grace, none of my doing) was the divine darshan of our beloved Swamiji. 

The visit to Shree Badrika ashram is the event I would relive again and again and again for years to come. The memory is etched in my heart forever ♾️


Gave a homeless man $200 on valentines day and reassured him that the universe still cares for him


Jai Sri Hari Suguna! A very happy new year 🎉 

The milestone I achieved in this year was writing a post  on os.me. I had never ever written anything before apart from answer sheets 😌  Becoming part of this awesome spiritual family has given me so many brothers, sisters and friends ❤ .It has been very enriching .

The year ended on the most amazing moment of my life when I was initiated by our divine Master 🙏


You are really strong! Stay blessed!

Most beautiful thing in 2021 for me was to meet Swamiji at the Ashram in Nov 2021. It might not have been possible without His grace 🙏.

Ashram is magnificent! I met so many beautiful people there, it is like endless peace and happiness there.

I just saw Komal Ji's comment above. I met her too in the Ashram 😁😇

Probably I'll write a post on my Ashram visit. There are soo many happy moments to share 😇🌸🌼

And Suguna ji, special thanks and gratefulness from my heart for you! Without your support, I probably couldn't have made it! I am forever grateful to you!

Stay blessed!

Happy New Year 💐🌼


The best thing that happened was I could take part in the scholarship initiative spearheaded by Ravi bhai.


Jai Sri Hari, I think there are a few things on the list.

  1. I got initiated by Swami and established a connection with my divine mother.
  2. I read some beautiful books.
  3. I got closer to my spouse and family.

Thank you for asking such a great question.


I started writing blog posts on OS.ME platform. 🙂 🙂 🙂


I met Om Swami in person !!


I spent four months without social media excluding osme as my account was hacked. Thanks to the hacker. It helped me to become more independent.


That's a top SECRET.🤣🤣😁😁


I fell in love! 


Chose staying at ashram over almost all everything.. and I am very happy to make that decision 🌼🌸

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