What is your motivation in life?


I noticed that when it comes to the strangers whom I cross paths with, a lot of them appear miserable and low. 

So I decided to ask you all beautiful souls; what is your motivation to get out of bed every morning? 

Do you have dreams, a philosophy, ambitions or goals which keep you going and make you excited to get out of bed daily?

Please share:)

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Jai Sri Hari. It's service to my Guru. I used to be reading wonderful books and expressing myself at work but felt the shift happen a few months ago. 


Do you have dreams-- Why would I dream after waking up?!
A philosophy- Love is life!

Ambitions or goals- Be love

which keep you going and make you excited to get out of bed daily-- Yo I like my sleep! 



Komal ji - when I see my kids every day in morning, it motivates me to keep going for them and other trigger has been extreme hard work our Swamiji puts in , I hope I can do little bit for the lineage, at least learn to be compassionate to best of my ability. Still long way to go.


It’s my fabulous breakfast and amazing coffee. You’re welcome 😀


Hi komal didi,

My motivation in life is life itself. I have dreams like plenty of dreams. My backbone of motivation is Swami ji, Sadhvi Nishtha ji and Sadhvi Vrinda ji. 

Whenever i feel low they picks me up.

Thank you


Komal ji, I am still trying to figure it out. Hopefully, I might find one. 


Interesting question Komal! Don't think there is one motivation that I can point to. There are multiple. Some driven by external realities. Ex: age - got to exercise to stay healthy, wife - got to love :D. I guess you get the picture. And others driven by myself.

I do have dreams of making my internet business to a multi million dollar success 🙂 but interestingly what keeps me going is not the money but the fact that I may have contributed to a better tomorrow in my own small way. That one thought keeps me going.

What I have also learnt / read along the way is that it's not the destination but the journey that matters. And I love the daily grind of an entrepreneurial journey.


Firstly.. what place are u in which is full of sad people? time to move!

abt me- explore the unknown.


Pls avoid such kind of strangers 😆. Well currently my motivation is to tc of my daughter.  Else the motivation to get up every morning is what else can i learn today,  which books can i explore, can i help someone in a smallest way...n  d most imp i will meet swami someday and thanks him verbally for everything he did for me. 


My motivation to get out of bed is to step into the balcony and see the glorious mountains. I also look forward to my coffee, and the biscuits I have set out on the kitchen counter the night before. I appreciate my morning walk, when the air is so fresh and crisp: a beauty to breathe. Life unfolds in the little things, I make it a point to appreciate as many as I can. This is my philosophy. Thanks so much for asking, Komal 🤗


To live life from moment to moment, or at the most day to day! And trying to be contented with everything. Accepting all situations and happenings. Destroying the ego till only "am" remains.


she...............! the empress with the golden tress!


Do you have dreams, a philosophy, ambitions or goals which keep you going?

Oh yes! I do. My goal in life is to do top quality Math research. Why do I want to do that? Because that is something I love doing. Also, it is creative, productive, it adds value to the lives of others, and most importantly, I believe it will help me discover my own truth.

Does it make me excited to get out of bed daily?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. We all have our turbulent times. When things are not going well or something else needs urgent attention, there is no option other than stepping back from Mathematics. But even in those days, the goal at the back of my mind remains the same. And when I get back on track, I move ahead. 

"When you are the anvil, bear.

When you are the hammer, strike." 

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