What’s been the thing you lean on when life gets hard?


What’s been the thing you lean on when life gets hard?

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When life “gets hard” I first identify the resistance created by the mind and drop it mindfully and accept it wholeheartedly with gratitude and faith. 


One only swami ji,  he tightly  held my hand  in time of crisis.


prayers - Intense enough to reach the realms of devaloka  for the Gods and Goddesses to send help.


Oneself. We reach out to our inner core (intention), the Divine complements our efforts with their blessings and support.


I watch Swamiji's you tube discourse or start reading Swamiji's one of the books( when all is not well) or one of series recorded by Swami ji in Audible. I recommend listening to  swami ji's audible series -'Jeevan ek Gorakh dhanda ha" (Thank you Akshay ji for sharing about this audible series)

Open Sadhana app to do quick Nitya Pooja (or one of the options in app ) to divert  mind. 

One of the above option worked most of the time for me, otherwise I just pray to Him to show the path.


Life is not hard (complicated) or simple. Life is just life. It's our view that makes it more complex or easier. Change your view, and turn your thoughts around. You are the only one who has the power to make it either harder or simpler. Make a wise choice.

Love - Sona Om


I think I irritate srihari to the extent where srihari says alright kid here is the solution....

He is the ultimate savior call him, cry, and ask for the guidance he will surely show the path...


I take a break. My break can be of any type right from going for vacation to Complete relax.


Exercise. I go for a run, walk or go to the gym. 


More Prayers.

Watch Swami Ji's videos. 



Whenever I feel I'm breaking down or life is getting out of control, I often imagine myself like a little baby in the lap of Shiva. This gives me the necessary peace and love I need at the moment.

And after a while, everything returns to its natural state. Because like seasons, suffering also passes through.


Faith (in myself, Mother Nature and Bhagwan )


Praying to God for enough strength... Because I know prarabdha cannot be changed.... But God gives strength to bear it..... 


Chant the name of my  

guru when i am in sorrow


Amy Copeland  a story I read long ago, of a beautiful lady who lost it all, far more than I could fathom losing. She and her story are so strong that I can literally pull strength, as in borrowed, and it moves me along. She is so much of a role model, God Bless Her!

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