Pick someone from the past, present or future, to spend an hour with.


I heard this question many years ago and suddenly remembered it. This is gonna be fun, and maybe a little sad, so:

If you could sit with anyone for 1 hour and that person can be anyone from the past, present or future, who would you choose?

Could be a parent, grandparent, an idol, God, a guru, a future person, someone who is no longer here, like Einstein or Mahatma Gandhi - Just about anyone!

Let's hear it😀

P.S: I feel that the answers won't vary much, as a lot of us would choose our Om Swami, so please feel free to answer as option 1 and option 2. I personally don't have an option 2, so feel free to pass too!

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Option 1: Swamiji.

Option 2: Anyone I’ve hurt, knowingly or unknowingly.


Past: Maharishi Veda Vyasa (I wish to know how he managed to compile the messy scriptures)

Present: Myself (solitude)

Future: Nobody... With Swami around, Moksha becomes real. So, all desires end. 🙃

(By the way, except for a quick Pranaam, I wouldn't want Swami to waste a single minute on me. Hence one hour with Swami is out of the question.)


Swamiji, Swamiji and SWAMIJI 


Option 1: The Buddha

Option 2: Marcus Aurelius

Option 3: Some smart guy from 1000-10000 years in the future, I want to know how we messed up the world. Also, would be interested in how good the movie VFX are 🙂

Option 4: Werner Heisenberg


Jai Sri Hari Komal. What a beautiful question. You have a knack for asking such interesting questions.

Past: Lord Hanuman - He is the ultimate Bhakata for me. Just want to sit gazing at him and soak in his presence.

Present: My true self

Future: Lord Shiva - The ultimate Yogi, the master of time, the master of five elements, the king of all creatures who walk this planet. - Yoga Yoga Yogeshwaraya, Boota Bhoota Bhosteshwaraya, Kal Kal Kaleshwaraya, Shambo Shambo Mahadevaya.


Thank you komal for your thoughtful scenario. 

In the Past - It was Ma

In  the Present - It is Ma

In  the  future   -  It will be Ma 

What's better than accompany your sadhya your ishta every moment in time for she is beyond time, "falling in the well of karma she's the unbreakable rope who will cary us over."

Sri Matre Namah. 


Thanks, Komal, for this question. Brought my mind to a much needed halt amidst the busy day. 

Swamiji was indeed my 1st option and the 2nd and all the others, in fact. But then, I remember my personal meeting with Him. A moment with Him feels like eternity. I don't think, with Him, 60 mins would be required. Love lives in moments 🙂

However, if we don't have to converse in words or if I just have to listen to Him, even 10 years would be less. 

Given such a long duration of time, I would choose to spend it with myself. I'm probably the only person I rarely sit with...the person who needs me the most and I have absolutely never been there for myself.

I hope my Isht and Swamiji's essence will accompany me 🙂 

Loads of love to you 🙂

Jai Shri Hari Ma!


I wanted to write Swamiji instantly, but then I realized Swamiji in the discourse, thank you for loving me so much by not exceeding more than 2 minutes in a personal meeting, I think it would be his utter waste of time to spend time with someone like me. So, considering his time as most precious, I would take the next best option of spending time with Swamiji's charan padukas installed in the home temple.

This was fun!!! thanks for posting this dear Komal ❤️


Past- Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa

Present- my family

Future- US with Swami ji. US means my family and entire OS family in his discourses, satsang, keertan, events wherever he allow public gathering 🙂 🙂 , wherever he goes, if he allows, we all follow him :-). 

remembered song from old advertisement - You and Us(not I), in this beautiful world. Green Grass and Blue Skies, in this beautiful world.. 


That is simple, it would be with Om Swami ji. 😀 

And if allowed, I would make it once a quarter 15 mins, and so that it will be across 1 year.

ps: Next option would be Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, and Swami Vivekananda


How about one hour with sweet komal 😉🤗🤗❤️❤️


Neeb Karori Baba!😁😁


Swami Ji of course. 

Swami Vivekananda.

I don't have any idea though what I would ask!


1 Swami ji and Swami ji and Swami ji

2 My father, whom I lost when I was a child. I feel that now after having grown up, we would hit off amazingly. 

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