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Jai Shri Hari!

Today I got an uncommon doubt which never arouse within me, I always thought I was capable of becoming more spiritual and Attain Mahadeva within this lifetime, but by looking back at myself I became more emotional and depressed 😔 than ever. (Sorry for this long question)

Can a normal person like me who is struggling to break the hardened tendencies of mind, who is indisciplined to practice meditation or sadhana, who is less mindful of his thoughts, speech and actions, who is controlled by the mind instead of making it listen to him, who is fallen under the trap of worldy pleasures, who is wasting his precious time, who forgets the wisdom received from his intellect and gets engaged in the guidance of his five senses, who is less compassionate or truthful (finds hard to follow all the virtues of a sadhak), who is bombarded with impure and negative thoughts, who is egoistic and overconfident, who often gets angry to small things, who has no spiritual experiences so far, who is less devotional, who finds it hard to surrender, who isn't even worthy to worship his isht, who isn't even capable of becoming a recipient of Divine's grace: Can become self realised within this lifetime?

I know it's never late but something inside really haunts me: What if 

Thank you.

Har Har Mahadev!




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Congratulations and I deeply respect your courage to accept your infirmities (I won't call them flaws) as nobody is flawless. It's only those who knows and accept them and start to work on each flaw step by step, one at a time can remove them and replace them with the positive one. That's what spiritual transformation is. Good news is that, there is no age limit to begin with. You can start anywhere and anytime. And of course, Mahadev is purely bhole, innocent. Why not, walk the path, see how Mahadev takes you. 

And don't worry about afflictions, if you desire this, then you must have the courage to remove them to walk towards light. All it takes your willingness. Have a happy journey!!

Hope this helps.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


It is possible, that’s why you are here. Here on earth and here on 
Try to not look at so many shortcomings at once. Pick one path and keep digging: whether that’s bhakti, meditation or mindfulness.

Reflect and decide what you want to pursue and keep at it:)

Self-realisation is not an ah-ha moment, but when you will look back at yourself in 5 years you will realise how the small changes actually brought about a transformed version of you.

One step at a time and with Divine grace, it is very much possible. Let’s go!:)


Same as you here.

We can only try.

I can bet you my thoughts are far more worse than yours. But keep trying.

राम नाम रटते रहो,जब तक घट में प्राण ।

कभी तो दीन दयालके भनक पड़ेगी कान ॥

Keep chanting Rama Rama, till you are alive... The one who is merciful to fallen will listen to it atleast at some time.

Tbh how it feels, one moment you're very dedicated about attaining Him and everything seems sorted out.... But few hours later you realise you are the most corrupt minded.

What's your age?

Jai Sri Hari


These thoughts are normal for everyone who walks on the path.

In fact, if instead one has opposite of these thoughts coupled by a strong belief that how a great, pure and dedicated devotee one is, it's a sign of inflated ego and delusional mind, and the progress not only just stops, but can reverse for such sadhaka.

There's nothing great about our individual existence; only when it expands and merges into the cosmic consciousness, we experience our grandeur.

Till then, we've to work. Mindfully, unceasingly.

Whenever you're feeling down on this path, just reflect how much time does it take for athletes to become national or world champion. How much hours of training that they go through daily for years to achieve such status. 

How much effort one puts to become and serve as an army man.

In fact, just to have decently paying white collar job, one has to study for close to two decades, and even then work for 8-10 hours daily, to get paid to survive.

Why not give a decade to meditation and other spiritual practices. couple or so hours daily. With discipline, patience. One step at a time.

However, you've to keep at an eye on the correctness of your practices like meditation. Incorrect technique not only fails to make any transformation, but it becomes difficult to unlearn.

It's highly unlikely that if you're doing concentrative meditation, you don't get any experience in a few months.

Feel free to message me to discuss about it (from my profile). I can help you find gaps/issues in the technique.

PS. I started my meditation journey around the age of 28 in 2014. You've started more than a decade earlier. So plenty of time on plate!

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


You are only 18. Have some patience. Experience life. Fall in love. Have fun.Your spiritual journey is not going away anywhere. The questions that you have been putting up all this while in QnA made me think you were much older. For some people self realization takes place at 7, for some at 14, for some at 28 and for some at 70. No need to worry.


Yes it's possible for you to become self-realized in this lifetime...

Become thoughtless, the moment you become thoughtless, you are the self which you strive to realize...

Reading your words about yourself do compel me to tell you that you will need to work very very hard to transform your current mindset. All the best


If you have done so much introspection then you have already started your have taken your first do keep walking..would recommend reading Swami ji's books one by one, attending the Devi Bhagawatam course available here and the Sadhana app ond /or BlackLotus  .highly recommend making RAK's a part of your life..once you decide that you are ready to take this up as a lifetime commitment you are free to approach Swamiji for initiation...things happen and it takes rime for things to happen .but if you stay aligned to the source things will happen for sure .al lthe best !!!

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