Any key parameters as a check point of growth?


I have had this question for some time, every person has their own journey & experiences in the spiritual journey.

Householders and Business folks, if you could share your personal parameters to measure and assess your growth

Or How to measure in general?

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My tests are  -
Are you calmer, when undergoing a stressful situation?
Do you remember God or Guru/Swami ji more often during the day? Do you feel more love for them.
Are you more truthful and kinder?
If you have been wanting vision/dreams, do they come more often?

My wife challenges me and says, if while driving someone cuts in front and you can remain calm, then I will agree you reached equanimity.

While the above is true, my struggle is:
 2 steps forward, 1 step backwards, or sometimes 1 step forward, 2 steps backwards.

For example - you reach a level  (just like when doing weight loss), that you plateau and then someday something happens and you again burst into anger.


Did I love?

Did I laugh?

Did I give? 

YESSS!! I lived! 


Jai Sri Hari bhai!!Its simply the ability to remain calm and joyful throughout the day. 


Only one measure for me - Has my capacity to give ( not grief :D) improved from yesterday? If yes, I have progressed. 


I normally work on one or two (out of  basic ten emotions mentioned in srimad bhagvatam ) at a time,that veils one's identity. I try to observe them for a certain period like 40days or 2 months etc. and see how I fare each day. If I was able to resist the temptations of acting on that particular emotional tendencies, I mark green and move ahead to the next emotions. If not, I set another period of 40 days, to work on the previous emotion.

On an unrelated note, Is there any end to Swamiji's grace, this Q&A is like amazing 🤩


Am I at more ease with myself and the world then I was yesterday? 


For me, How much calm i am and how much i let go of things which are beyond my control with being mindful. Also points of Ravi ji ...remembering lord and lovingchim more. However being a householder it is sometimes very difficult 


'Can I be calm when situation is not in favor of me? '  Everytime I fail in the given situation but someday when will overcome it I think I would have grown as a human being😊


Did I get enlightened?


Growth under progress....

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