Are you still bothered by the same things compared to 5-10 years ago?


It was hard to phrase that question!:)

A sign of spiritual progress is when what used to bother you long ago, no longer affects you as much, as Om Swami says. 

So, do the same things make you uncomfortable today as they did 5-10 years ago?

It could be anything. Perhaps 5 years ago political drama or certain societal behaviours irritated you, but not now.

Or maybe, 10 years ago you thought that the world should change, but now you realised that "ain't nobody listening anyway"! Just kidding, but you get the idea! 

Feel free to add examples:)

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Nothing bothers me anymore 😛 Not something from five years ago, not something from five nanoseconds ago 🤣.

All credit goes to him, if it was upto me; I would still be complaining about the nursery of the hospital I was Born in 😂😂


🙏, madam, in my perception, whether person is in spiritual path or not......time is a good healer......if you are spiritually connected, then healing is fast


No not really, slowly the 5 10 yr old issues cease to there are new thoughts Cum am I progressing well in spiritual path,  what if I would not be able to continue in future due to pressure from near ones.These thoughts bothers me at times..sometimes have to remind myself Living in present and enjoying today wat I am able to do, even that is all His Grace on us. 

Thanks for the question 🙂


Ishq vishq main ulajh Gaya vo...Chhod ke duniya daari...Bhul Gaya vo khul ke Jenna...raat nashe vich Mari...Yeah,we are in love! Nothing bothered you rather one thing overpowered you...the great feeling of love...ah! why don't this heart just stop pumping....kyuki dil ki ek-ek dhadkan aapko bechain Kar deti hai...aap machal uthte hai unki aankoh me doobne ke like...Unki baho me sada sone ke liye...aap unki god se utharna nhi chahte...aap so jate hai..kho jate hai..par chiral ke like jaag jate hai!


I have nee problems now 🙂 


Previously I used to play 'Blamegame ' it has been deleted by the God's grace. Now I find me at zero complaint level. Anger and hatred getting more getting affected by Criticism.....feeling more compassion towards all , previously I used to skip my enemies from this...... in every event or happening I remind myself that- What is destined, bound to's God's will.'


I refuse to go in my past and look! Tooooooooo busy being in love as love for love! 


No, definitely not.  Change is the only constant.


Not really. However, i have similar pattern of "suffering" to new challenges 🤭 

My mind be like: New problems, old solutions 😅


Never. And I think its because the freshness of "that" thought has been lost. I mean sure, there are people who're still suffering what happened X years ago but its largely because they're keeping "that" thought still active. 

I think letting go of a thought is simply letting go an experience, good or bad. As long as we don't keep it "active" in our memory, it won't hurt us. And thought is an aspect of mind which can be controlled or transformed by it.

So I think what GuruShri is trying to say is that a controlled mind is not bothered by memory of the past or imaginations of the future because it has learned to live in "this moment."

I learned to do this through the Black Lotus App, specifically the Mindfulness meditations. Every time something pops up in my mind, even something from a day ago or an hour ago, I simply bring myself back to the present.
And it works like magic!

I almost couldn't believe how easy it was to do this. 🤩 

Another fun thing to do is to think " If it can be fixed, why worry?, If it cannot be fixed, why worry?"
This also works when you're worried about the future.


Sometimes. The good news is I have stopped self-sabotage to a large part. The bad news is when people are unreasonable, I am yet to develop stoic acceptance.

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