Can we do a puruahcharana twice on the same day?



If we have free time and dont feel like doing anything else, can we do the same purushcharana for the same ongoing sadhana but at some different time if we feel like it?


If I recall correctly from Om Swami’s videos etc, you cannot do it just when you ‘feel like it’ but when to comes to Sadhana, if you have a lot of time then sure you can schedule to chant more throughout the Sadhana period(e.g 40 days)

So, if you choose to do 4hrs a day for 40 days then it has to be 4hrs everyday throughout the 40days and not 4hrs one day, 1hr next day and then 6hrs, etc. Consistency and specificity are essential.

Or you can just chant additionally too if you have time but that won’t be counted as part of your Sadhana.

That’s how I understand it. Let’s see what others have to say.



I asked coz i thought that doing mantra japa alone (during the second time) without offerings ,mudra,nyasa etc. will not be good .

So that is why .

And i have already started the purushcharana but with not as much time for japa.

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