Can we request to Swamiji for Shiv Sadhana??


Mahashivaratri is coming, as me there will many seekers may be who willing to know about shiv sadhana. 

Is der any Shiv Sadhana suggested before by Swamiji? If yes, then plz plz help me to find out.

And not then anyone is able to share Shiv Sadhana for Mahashivaratri. 

I was thinking to stay at ashram on Mahashivaratri days, but thanks to COVID not seems it'll happen.😞. May be by Sadhana i can feel that I'm in under guidance of Om Swamiji.

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Swamiji has given Surya Sadhana for the month of Karthik in which one is required to offer water on consecrated Shivalingam and hence, it's also a sort of Shiva Sadhana. Just mentioning as you had also asked whether Swamiji has shared some Shiva Sadhana – though you can't do it on coming MahaShivaratri.

However, if I were in your shoes with such desperation for sadhana, I'd have performed japa of the panchakshari mantra of Lord Shiva (Om Namah Shivay).

Something like this you can try: Start on the Mahashivaratri day (night is prefered I think). And follow the steps in The Hidden Power of Gayatri Mantraand perform a Laghu Purushcharana of 3-9 days (consult the book for more details).

Actually, you can also use the Gayatri mantra itself, but visualize Lord Shiva before you begin chanting. As Swamiji said, he had invoked different mantras with the bhava of his Ishtha only – you can say to Lord Shiva that now I'm going to worship you with Gayatri mantra.

But, follow the steps in the book for Laghu Purushcharana  of course.

Keep in mind, your concentration and bhav (devotion) are the two super important prerequisites for a successful japa sadhana.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


Hi Kajal, I'd say let's wait for the Sadhana project launch and see?:)

It seems to be the right fit😊


Well , start by chanting OM Namah Shivaya , daily from 1 mala to as many u are comfortable in morning and evening and 

Or fix a number like 1 lakh 25 thousand and finish japa in a week or 10 days . And gradually u can increase the Number of japa .

Chanting OM NANAMH SHIVAYA  is a great start and with  more and more chanting  of this shiv mantra , you will really feel the bliss !!

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