Explain the 15 Nityas please, if anyone knows.



Explain the 15 Nityas please, if anyone knows.

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Dear Sigma,

I am not sure if you were just looking for something very specific on the Nitya Devi's or if you were looking for a broader explanation. Therefore, for the benefit of everyone I will approach this question with a broader stroke. 

Based on my reflections on the Tantric texts and tradition, a key tenet of tantra is that the human soul is said to be governed by the Sun while the Moon rules over the mind. The Sun is self-luminous  while the Moon's light is but an illusion, in that all of its its luminosity is simply due to reflecting the Sun's light.  In tantric lore, the Sun is seen as Sadhashiva or the state where Shiva and Shakthi energies are united. Sadhashiva is the Paramatman or the pristine undivided state of  consciousness.  The Moon represents Shakthi and the realm of Maya or perceived creation. The Moon's illusory light also represents the wheel of time, which, just like the Moon's light, may appear very real to a perceiver but is ultimately illusory. Once the wheel of time has been set into motion the stage is set for the unfolding of the experience which we call ' our life' or  'our reality'.  Shiva is the complete unmanifested potential of consciousness while Shakthi rules over all that is manifest. Shakthi is the controller of all time and Maya, the illusion of life, which is why Parashakthi is eulogized as Mahamaya. As the ruler over time and creation, Shakthi dwells within all of creation be it animate or inanimate and yet is beyond all that is created. This essential truth is what the ancient seers saw within the different passing phases of the Moon. 

Each person's mind is the supreme architect of their individual reality and the 15 different phases of the moon highlight different aspects of the human mind and its intricacies. Since Shakthi is considered to be the primordial womb that gave rise to all of the manifested world, that energy is represented as the feminine principle of consciousness and hence is personified as the supreme Goddess Maha Tripurasundari underlying all creation. The Goddess's energy is dynamic and is ever changing, waxing and waning like the different moon phases. Each phase of the Moon is represented as a sub manifestation of that incredible colossal energy that the Goddess/Devi represents. Because each of the 15 phases of the Moon starting from the new Moon day or Amavasya all the way to Pournami or the full-moon day highlights a particular aspect of the Moon/human psyche, each Moon phase has been represented by a unique Goddess energy and these Goddesses are 15 in number and are known as the Nitya Devi's or companion energies of the supreme Goddess. the full-Moon day represents the Goddess in her full-power mode or the human mind at its peak potential. The 16th moon-phase represents the ephemeral transcendent nature of Devi.  It is this secret that is captured within the 15 and 16 syllable mantras of Sri Vidhya. So in essence the Sri Vidhya tradition allows an upasaka of Devi Maha Tripurasundari to connect with each of the Nitya Devi energies of the Goddess to gain complete dominion over their mind and realize their oneness with that transcendent substratum underlying all of creation. 

The 15 Nitya Devis are as follows

Kameswari, Bhagamalini, Nityaklinna, Bherunda, Vanhivasini, Maha Vajreswari, Shivadooti, Twarita, Kulasundari, Nitya, Neelapataka, Vijaya, Sarvamangala and Chitra.

Each Nitya Devi represents a particular aspect of the psyche and invoking each of them with their respective mantras/mudras/yantras will allow a Sadhak to gain mastery over a particular realm of the mind. All this is contained within the Sri Vidhya tradition.

Apologies if this is not what you were looking for though.


Thank you for such a comprehensive answer. You have been most kind.

1) Are Ardhanarishwara and Sadhashiva the same?

2) Is the Maha Tripurasundari worshipped in the temple in the state of Tripura the same?

3) What is the Sri Vidhya tradition?

4) Will I attain Moksha if I call upon Devi Maha Tripurasundari?

5) Are there any temples in India representing these 15 Nityas? I had visited a temple in Rajasthan where the Goddesses stood in a circle  ( very beautiful)  but I don't recall the name of the temple.

Thank you again.


Thank you for clearing my doubts. Please help me a little more.

 1) Which Nitya Devi is connected to which aspect of the psyche and which particular realm of the mind?

2) Where do I find the mantras?

3) What is the significance of a yantra?

The internet is filled with a lot of info but they don't provide specific answers.. On top of that one doesn't know which one is the right one and which one is not. I will be asking questions. I hope I am not a bother.


Thank you so much for taking your time to explain this to me. I do agree with you that as a layman I should not get into these things. But I just want to know. I don't wish to invoke their energy. Even though the mantra of the Sri Suktam Sadhana has really made a huge difference in my life. I find it absolutely fascinating. One more thing...

1) Relevance of the number 64 and the 64 Yoginis. Can you please explain this?

2) How is Vajrayana Buddhism connected to Hindu Tantra?

3) Is Iccha mrityu siddhi possible in this day and age?


Thank you again. 🙏

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