Can fear and insecurity coexists with faith in Divine?


Is Fear and insecurity due to lack of faith in Divine ? And how can one practice becoming fearless and secure on spiritual path?

2 Answers
1 see if this helps  neena


I often wonder this too, Neena.  I think it's a very high stage to reach fearlessness though.  For me, the fear and insecurity is one of the driving forces that keeps me yoked to my sadhana - because one thing I know for sure is if I stop trying to progress, then my progress will stop and those fears and anxieties would actually come true.  On the other hand, if I keep walking (sometimes stumbling) on the path, then those fears and anxieties are somewhat kept at bay.  

I am not qualified to talk about faith, but I do know that as we have experiences on the path (be it meditative, Bhakti or other), those are like little sign posts for me that tell me I'm going the right direction and they help build my faith.  Sometimes, those sign posts seem like they do not come often enough, and I feel lost.  Faith and trust in Guru comes in handy there.  

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