How to enhance one's quality of japa?


I believe quality matters more than quantity and I'm looking for aome tips that would help me enhance the quality of my japa. Thank you 😊Β 

3 Answers

Jai Shri Hari,

I have the following two recommendations-

1. Please check out the video recordings for 7th and 8th Jan, in the live page section, in one of those Guruji mentioned how to chant and visualize a mantra with the help of an example.

2. Second, do check the answer @varun Om Ji gave as part of the following query,

Hope this helps.


Ahana Ji! I agree quality does matter a lot. One method that Swamiji has mentioned is recalling the sound of the mantra while doing jap. For e.h. You are doing Shri Krishna Maha Mantra from Sadhana app, listen to Swamiji chant the mantra in His divine voice and then when you sit down to jap, recall His sound. This is not very easy to do, at least not for me. BUT it gives awesome concentration while doing jap because your mind cannot wander as it is busy recalling the sound. Hope this helps!


Do it Mindfully. It creates potent energy.... 😇Β 

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