How to find hidden unique Inner Talent?


Hi, I want to know how can we find out our inner hidden talent? As everyone is unique and one unique attribute which is different from others? How can we realize that?

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Hi Neha, I had written this post a while back, please feel free to have a read, I don't know if it will help.

Otherwise just find something you like and keep practising it:)


Meditate. You don't have to find it. It will seek you, it will come forth from the depths of your unconcious mind as bubble arises from the depths of the ocean.


Hi Neha. I guess we have to try out different things to understand what fits us the best. And by trying out, I don't mean doing it once or twice, but we should do it for atleast a year with consistency to gauge our potential in that field. I hope my answer was not too vague. 🙂


this is a slow and ardous journey, so unfortunately, no shortcuts. You need to expose yourself to as many activities, as many tasks, as many roles as possible. Sometimes the most boring activity might turn out to be something you are really good at (like Running!), so do not say NO to ANYTHING. 

Second is observe others. Ask others what when they started what they are doing, what made them start, etc. You will be surprised for how many, getting onto activity was through sheer 'chance'

Third, performance is not a sign of passion. You might be pretty average at an activity which you like. So that's ok.Its all about what keeps u engaged and happy, rather than something which makes you a millionaire, be cognisant of that.

Hope that helps. feel free to message back for more.


Hi Neha, whatever activities you naturally are drawn to and derive joy from, just keep doing them while completely blocking out negative judgments from other people and importantly yourself. Do this for one year and see if this question still arises then :). Wishing you luck!!


Hi Neha! Poignant question. I've often struggled with it and so have many people. Eventually answers come running to us when there is stillness at the level of mind.

Taking off all the pressures (any you could think of; including others' judgements), what would you like to wake up to and make it a consistent path to explore. 

Talents in my experience don't have to be found, they surface when we feel a strong pull towards something, and take action on it. They show up when we action on things/areas that attract us.

Sometimes we have talent but do not have interest in the areas pertaining to them, and end up never knowing what gifts we carry.

In a nutshell, it may be a good idea to explore interests and who knows our talent in that area may surface and surprise us 🙂 I did the same..simply took action in the areas of my interest and latched on the ones closest to my heart. It was a hard and slow journey for me but all worth it. Still discovering new ones. 

All the best. 🙂


I remember one of the many occassions where Swami Ji has talked about this. He encouraged to try different things, that's the only way to discover. Sometimes we have an idea but somehow are not acting on things - a mentor/coach can be invaluable here. Wish you best as you seek Neha Ji. 


Hi Neha,

Most folks do not know of their latent talent. Even if they do, they are shy and reluctant to develop the talent that they possess. 

I sort of knew that I can boast of a decent voice, listening to others public speaking or singing at family dos. However I made capital us of it much later in life. I developed myself to be a Trainer and facilitator in my 50's and embarked on a kareoke singing binge as well !!! Fortunately I did not have stage fright.

As they say Better late than Never !!!!!! 


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