How to find purpose in life in case of a senior living alone



How to find purpose in life in case of a senior living alone


From the day I got convinced that we DO carry forward few things onto our next journey / birth, all my efforts are focused on that account now🥰🥰🥰.  Be it with body, with mind or with money, am trying to add into my that account with Almighty.   This is my purpose of life at age 56.🙏🏼🙏🏼


Dear Tarini,

I say this with a lot of love and respect towards you, I do not believe that our lives as such has any ' Purpose '. However, I do believe that there can be a great deal of meaning to our lives and our time on this plane of existence. It doesn't matter what age we find ourselves in, it is never too late to discover meaning in our lives and make whatever time we have left, meaningful. When our final moments arrive, it would be nice if we can close our eyes to the feeling " aaah..I too lived..TRULY I TOO LIVED". 

Here are a few practical steps one can take towards re-discovering meaning in their life:

1. Take some time to reflect on your journey: Everyday, devote sometime to reflect on the the roles you have played in life. These could include being a child to someone, being a parent, a mentor, a co-worker, a friend and a teacher etc. All of us knowingly or unknowingly are placed into so many roles every day and again knowingly or unknowingly we may all have had moments where we have positively impacted someone or changed someones life for the better.  I agree that not all of these roles would have been joyous necessarily and there would also be a lot of pain in there. But that is ok. Acknowledge the negatives but pay special attention to the positive aspects. Trust me, even without ever having met you, I can say that you have definitely impacted someone in a very positive way. After all, It is my belief that you must have done a great deal of good to have found this space :). Your heart knows what these moments are, it always remembers. By reflecting on your life and the different roles you have played in the course of your journey,  you will in your own time start to realize that you are a unique individual and that you bring that uniqueness to each of your relationships, and those roles add meaning to your life.

2. Help Others: Tarini, from my own experience I can say with 100% authenticity that even the smallest acts of kindness go a very very very long way in enriching other people’s lives. From your loved ones to even total strangers, try to perform at least one act of kindness purely from the heart every day. The divine that dwells in your own heart does not care about grand gestures, it is very much satisfied with the smallest of acts of kindness as long as its genuine and soaked with true love. Forget people, even if you were to simply leave a few morsels of leftover food for the ants or a dog or cow etc, it will nourish your soul and add a new layer of meaning to your life and will remind you that regardless of what age you are at you are still special and unique and YOU MATTER!

3. Get involved in some cause that matters to you:  I have found that in addition to reflecting on your life and performing acts of kindness, volunteering can also give your life a greater sense of meaning. For eg, if you care about the environment, you can join an online group with other like minded people and find avenues to express your thoughts and ideas for making the world a cleaner place. Or if you are interested in furthering your spiritual quest, an online community such as this one is a perfect place for you to interact with other people and share your views or discover a wealth of resources that will help you grow. So in other words at any age and any stage in your life, it is never too late to care about something and incorporate that into your life story at least from this point onwards.  Its never too late to learn a new skill or pick up a new hobby or make new friends! 

I hope that things put a smile on your face that you absolutely can find great meaning in your life and also YOU MATTER! Wishing you lots of joy ahead!


Good question Tarini.

Here are some suggestions.

1.  If possible stay involved in community e.g. volunteer activities etc. Help others whenever and wherever possible.

2.  Stay active - Do some exercise like walking - set up a daily routine.

3.  Cultivate a hobby - like gardening, music, cooking etc.  Enroll in a class to learn a new skill if possible. I just started teaching 77-78 year old lady English because she wants to.

4.  Meditation

5.  It is a great time for getting involved spiritually in different ways and connect to the Supreme according to opportunities available.  For example, Sadhana app is readily available wherever you are.

6.  Wite at

Look at it as an opportunity - you now have some free time.  Strengthen your relationship with the Supreme, pursue hobbles and help others. Enjoy the time. Wish you all the best!


My wife and I are seniors, too living by ourselves. Our kids are grown-up, we are empty nesters. At this age, I think the only true purpose of life is to try and figure out what lies ahead. What will happen to us once this body turns to ashes? Some answers are given in our religous texts, but they ask for belief. If we meditate on this question, we might perceive the reality of what we really are, beyond the body. Its the only thing worth pursuing at this stage in life. Of course, we do need interests and hobbies to keep us occupied but we cannot avoid the deep philosophical questions as we grow older.


A great example is Stephen Hawking.

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