How to maintain focus during Gayatri Sadhana?


I am doing Gayatri Sadhana and this is not the first time I am doing it. Every Navratri since 2019 I am devoting 30 minutes but still all the time I am not able to focus. Thoughts keep on disturbing me. I feel bad after doing sadhana that I am not doing it with full focus. Kindly guide me how can I increase my focus? 

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Hi Prachi, this could be answer to your question. See with this practice if your concentration improves. Do share your experience, all the best 🙂


Hi Prachi -

Rest assured you're not sailing alone in the boat. Of course, it's not that it makes you feel any better because the journey of mind (and the journey of life itself) is a lonely journey and there's no such thing as a companion in there. The relationships we build in life including our closest and most heartfelt relationships are still external to our core and this mind journey is a lonely journey occurring within our mind.

You need to understand the basic truth that you cannot will your mind to calm down or concentrate. Just like it takes years and years of practice to become a doctor or to play a violin or to sign or to play professional tennis, concentration takes plenty of practice. Unlike a gross external object (like a tennis ball or musical instrument) here you're trying to control the subtle mind. It's always more difficult to master the subtle than the gross, so it's going to take time. The takeaway for you here is that don't expect to have a magical control of mind within days or week or even months. Keep working at it and don't give up.

Over time I also realised something else. There's a reason why people went to Himalayas, it's not just for the attraction of mountains or rivers or some isolation. Human thoughts are like radio waves. The air around you has radio waves, which a radio antenna is able to pick up. Similarly there's plenty thought waves floating around us especially when we live among human population in large dwellings. If you didn't already guess it by now, let me say it explicitly. There's a reason why our grandfathers told us to wake up early in the morning. The time between 4 and 6 in the morning is very calm, there's hardly any thought waves in the field around us and our mind is able to naturally concentrate with least effort. So, time and place do matter. I am not asking that you run to Himalays, but just asking you to try out your meditations sessions earlier in the day before human activity picks up.

Most importantly, allow thoughts to freely come in and observe them like an impartial witness. This is a distinct human quality. I don't think a tiger or dog is endowed with that quality whereby it is able to observe its own thoughts. When you learn to observe your own thoughts without judging them (and thereby without judging yourself or your mind) over a period of time, you'll realise that your own thoughts and distractions will bother you less and less and you'll stop attaching importance to them. Anything that you ignore and accord less importance is bound to disappear from your life by law of nature or by law of attraction.

Lastly, a trick. Never focus on the don'ts, focus on the dos. Our mind has a tendency to focus more on something that we seek to avoid. The more you don't want distraction, you're inviting more of distractions. Instead resolve to yourself that I am going to enjoy my meditation and I am loving it. See how the experience changes all of a sudden. This applies to all spheres of life. The more your mind focusses on avoiding COVID, the more it keeps itself pre-occupied with it and keeps engaged with it. Focus on what you want and not what you don't want.

Hope that helps...



I am doing Durga Sadhana and have the same, cant focus all the time, but I kerp going…. We are not perfect- but one should try and do… Ma sees all… step by step


Same here also. Get back your thoughts the moment you realise it. Then continue. With divine Mother grace slowly will become better as time passes. I think persistence is all required. That's what I am trying. 

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