How will you explain 'Bhaav' towards Maa?


My understanding of Bhaav towards Maa is a feeling of connection to Maa. As usual I feel unsatisfied, I feel something is missing.  Please through light of wisdom on 'developing, experiencing and feeling' Bhaav towards Maa.

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Dear Aditya,

Even the feeling of wanting to develop Bhaav towards her is a blessing from Her to you. So feel good about that fact, you are already so much more blessed than you know! So, one thing I can tell you which will hopefully be of some help is that when it comes to developing Bhaav, it is absolutely important to THROW FORMALITY OUT COMEPLETELY! Bhaav can happen only when you feel authentic and comfortable within yourself. Devi or Maa is your own Antharyamini, she is within you and watching you all the time, so when you wish to commune with Her, speak to her in your mind in the same way you would speak to your mother. Use the same kind of language, use the same words of endearments and do not use very formal words of worship when you talk to her..because that may put a certain distance between you and Her. Whatever language would be acceptable to your mother would also be acceptable to Devi. That has been my experience and I am only sharing with you what I have always practiced and its worked for me. So feel free to create your own rule for connecting with her and just be yourself.


How a toddler is to his bilogical mother so should you be to mother divine. 

Depend on her alone for everything. 

Remember that it's by her love and grace alone that you breathe, you think, you eat, you sleep.

Offer everything you do at her lotus feet.

See that everyone is her child and everything is her creation.

Serve her creation to express your love for her, try not to hurt anyone emotionally or otherwise because by doing so you are hurting her child or creation.

Eat as if she is feeding you with her hands.

See as if you are seeing her smiling face everywhere you see.

Sing as if you are singing for her.

Walk as if you are doing circumbalations around her.

All in all try to maintain awareness that she is with everywhere, everytime.

Close your eyes, be in love, stay there.

Jai shri hari❤️


Dear Aditya

This is a good question as it made me think.

I think the answer lies within you. What is your nature, true nature? The nature of yours where you find real peace. This is an answer that only you know. 

That nature will give you the answer to your question is my belief. The behaviour and approach close to that nature, will be the Bhaav towards Maa. This might also mean you transcend gender and other differences that exists in the world today. 

Ex: Chaitanya Mahaprabhu used to long for Krishna like Radha would. 

Hope this helps.



Jai Sri Hari 🙏

I personally believe that in Bhakti Bhaav is Pradhan. And by following Navdha bhakti you may develop deeper bond with Maa. So slowly and slowly when one does small things/gestures for Maa. It gradually develops and feeling of being connected instills within. While performing daily worship and also doing anything in day today life, include her in all your deeds and offer everything to her first. Have this in heart whatever you are doing is for Maa and coming from her alone. Build a bond to feel her presence to have deeper bhav, that's really important to begin with.


Kitten is dependent on his mother.... Fully dependent on Maa... And there is no explanation for explaining the bond (Bhava) of Child and his mother.


I think it grows as part of spiritual growth. Currently I am reading Devi Bhagavatam( I have read it before) and have noticed that it helps cultivate that devotional sentiment. Same with chanting Lalita Sahasranama and her stutis. Also there are certain bollywood songs that really help. 

I would say try some of these things and you may find something that might help. 

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