I want to write a personal note to om swamiji


Hello, I recently met om swamiji in group meeting on 27th November for the very first time. I had a few visual experiences in his presence. I want him to validate it and ensuring me that it wasn't really the play of my mind. So can anybody suggest how to write directly to om swamiji. I came to know about swamiji only 6 months ago. Thanks

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You can't contact Om Swami directly, but you can email His team here: contact.omswami@gmail.com.  A small group of volunteers read the emails He gets, and if necessary, they would pass along your email for a potential response from Swamiji.  That is my understanding of how the process works.  

Did you feel peaceful in his presence?  If the experience you had in that group meeting makes you want to transform yourself, then I'd say that is all the evidence you need to say it was a profoundly spiritual experience.    


Thank you Jack for your reply. I read a couple of your articles and thought you to be so fortunate that both of your gurus travelled all the way to USA to give darshan to you. You are truly their blessed disciple. Thanks, HoneyB

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