Incident during Ganesh Sadhana



In the month of August, I was doing Ganesh Sadhana in the Sadhana App., and on the 9th day morning, a dead mouse was lying on the front side of my house. Again at the end of the Sadhana, one small mouse was found dead on the other side of the garden( by neighbors?). This incident didn't repeat again after that. I dont know whether it was a coincidence, but what does it mean?

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Don't let mind chatter, keep walking with faith 


I confess, I don't know much about esoteric meanings of things.

My guess: This is the handiwork of dogs or birds. We have stray dogs in our street, they bring dead rats from time to time. It is unpleasant, true. I call the street cleaning folks, pay them a tip and they kindly remove the dead rat. 


You should meditate on Lord Ganesh's form or mantra. Set intention before, ask for guidance about this issue. He will surely help.❤️😇🙏

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