Is having out of body experience during meditation sign of spiritually evolved being ?




My spouse has never meditated in her life and has no interest in spirituality but is extremely devotional. I being spiritual have forced her to meditate few times. When she tried few times she could go into deep meditative state immediately within seconds and has experienced out of body experience.

Anyway these experiences makes her feel good but at the same time it scares her and she did not persuade further or is interested to do.

Are these experiences sign of spiritually experienced being or is it just mind playing games on her.  Has anybody experienced anything like this.

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As you have described it, in my opinion it's spiritual experience. She needn't be afraid. Fear just creates a blockage. As you said she is extremely devotional- true devotion has great power indeed.

I have experienced coming out of my body on 2-3 occasions, can't share here, but just telling that yes such things are possible.

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