Is it wrong to avoid talking about your Guru publicly or with those who don't follow him?


After a lot of difficulties in life, I have landed at Swami Ji's holy lotus feet. I want to remain under his feet for the rest of my life till my last breath. However, I don't want to talk about him with most people except our fellow devotees and disciples. That's because I want to keep my relationship with my beloved Swami to myself. I want to shield it. I don't want to be asked questions - Swami Ji's photo is my phone wallpaper, I get asked enough number of times as to why I have started running behind a monk or when people see me watch his videos, I get asked the same question. That's another thing that I will keep running behind this monk for the rest of my life and next lives as well till I attain Mukti. I am convinced that I had him in my previous life/lives as well. Unnecessary questions affect my peace of mind and I don't want to get diverted from my path. I haven't known Swami ji since a long time - Many have known him for decades now therefore are in a better position to be steady in this regard. After having met Swami ji personally, I want to keep this relationship more sacred. Swami ji does not like to be defended by us in public discussions. I don't want to reach a stage where I need to defend my Guru because I would not be able to tolerate anyone berating him. What is your view on sharing details about your relationship with your Guru with the general public / non followers? Do you keep your relationship with Swami ji private or do you love declaring it to the world (which is great and lovely!)? Would love to hear from you all.

Edit : I also feel that my relationship with Swami ji itself is a Sadhana of sorts. All my major transformations in life happened with his grace and after having come under his umbrella. Following his teachings itself is Sadhana. Further, since Sadhana is meant to be private so I deem what I talk to him about and my love for him private. I only tell our fellow devotees and disciples how much I love him because only they would be in a position to understand my love for my Guru. 

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I feel you Mahamaya, I too keep my relationship with my divine and Guru to myself unless asked because simply, it's very personal and intimate to me. I would not like to waste my energy explaining someone my "Whys" and "hows". Also, from my personal journey i can say that faith cannot be forced, it happens from sheer grace. 

So if the person is supposed to know about my journey, I believe my divine will make it happen. I have surrendered to his divine will. So I suggest don't sweat over it and take it easy. If you don't feel like telling people don't push or be hard on yourself. 


I think it might be helpful to use discernment depending on the situation. For me, my partner and mother had to know and thankfully they had no issues. Rest of the family and world to be honest I don't know because I never bother to find out, to me it's irrelevant. 

I strive to continue growing spiritually and act in a manner that aligns with Swami Ji's teachings. Hope that helps!


I absolutely second your thought process. I never talk about Swamiji anywhere except with fellow devotees of And I am absolutely in no mood to listen to snarky comments about how gurus are fake or spirituality is a gimmick for making money etc etc. Until now I actively tried to hide my spiritual side from everyone including my family. But, of course, my mother knew about my spiritual bent of mind without having been told about it. After reading Swami's post today, I won't be actively trying to hide my beliefs but I wouldn't go around telling people about it either. In my case, there's also the additional factor of the fear of judgement. I've been a very prim and proper and an obedient girl from my childhood. I've never had a reason to rebel and people would always say nice things about me. But, I've faltered once and failed to live upto the expectations of everyone about a little over a year ago and I still get pitiful remarks and people act as if my life has ended. So I became even more cautious of letting people see or know much about me or the things I hold dear.


If someone asks me whether I follow someone, I will definitely tell them about Swami ji. I know most people will lecture you about how fake some gurus are. If this is the situation or if I sense that they don't respect Swami ji, I will tell them that I told them about Swami ji because they asked. Their belief is not going to change the reality. What I am trying to say is that there is no need to hide. You are on a spiritual path. If people don't understand, it is their problem, and not yours.


मैं देखता हूं कि सामने वाला इच्छुक है या नही, अगर इच्छुक हैं तो मुझे आनंद आता है बात करके पर ऐसे भी नहीं कि मैं उन्हें पका डालूं ,बस उतना ही जितना उनके पेट मे पच जाय😆😆


For the longest time I resisted the urge to talk about Swami. Thankfully my family and close friends already know about this aspect of my life. But because they've all seen me wandering about ashrams and spiritual leaders, they actually didn't take it too seriously, and trust me that was a relief! Now about those who do not know anything about Swami ji and become inquisitive after seeing his smiling wallpaper on my phone or when they get to know I visited the ashram, to them I disclose only as much as I feel they ought to know. Some just want to criticize, some are actually inquisitive in the beginning and then they start comparisons with others, and so on and so forth. To this day I have not met even a single person who asked me about Swami ji and then came back with more questions and a desire to know more about Him. And that kinda makes me sad. But it's alright, because I know it is only Maa who guides people towards Swami as and when the right time comes. After the launch of Sadhna app however, I did share it with those who wanted to learn the Vedic rituals of worship, avoiding the mention of my Guru because if the app does it's job, that's all the mention my Guru needs. I do feel angry and defensive when people react negatively but instead of defending, I take a step back and give space to their views. However if someone uses demeaning vocabulary, I do put my foot down. Like on Swami's birthday last year, I put up a post on my social media accounts and one of my close friends reacted rather disrespectfully. I told them it was rude and they apologised. Then the conversation got back to normal. They disregarded my faith and stuck to their belief that no mortal being could be worthy of such reverence. I told them we can agree to disagree and they have all the right to hold their perspective, and so do I.

Reading Swami's post I had a different question in my mind though, how do we talk about Him? How to go about this business of talking about the one you love? Because this is love. How does one talk about love?

And then I got the answer, as I remembered this Psalm from the Holy Testament, "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away."

Following this as a guideline is how we are supposed to talk about our Beloved, never being boastful, angry or dishonoring. And knowing, not believing but knowing that love will never fail, tongues will be stilled and all false knowledge pass away.

Most importantly, through our conduct is how we are supposed to talk about Swami. Like when people see well behaved kids, they become inquisitive about who their parents might be. Similarly, the way we walk through this world should be like a living breathing memorabilia to Swami and his love and teachings. Although the world might still remain stiff and unforgiving, but we persevere through Swami's love. We become a medium for Him and let Him drive our words and actions. We become the introduction to His works through our conduct. And that is probably all the information that the world needs.

On a lighter note, whenever we succeed in representing Swami the best way we can and someone asks about our Source, we can always tell them with a smile, "Main apne Papa se seekh kar aaya hun Sir!" assuming the tone of Rohit from Koi Mil Gaya! 😅


Personally, I want to talk about Swami Ji publicly(except with relatives) if it is his wish. If it is not his wish then I don't want to trouble him.  

What is the worst that could happen? If I am talking to a stranger then they will not like me. And if there are adversaries (or people directing antagonistic influence) in my own field then I will work so hard that it is not like they have the capacity to stop me as long as I am alive—either victory or death in that case.

That is my thought process. 

My 2 cents. 


If you will notice the above post carefully then you will see that I am ready to die but not ready to talk to relatives. Go figure!



At first i was scary to being judged by people to talk about Gurus, Swamiji. But as time passed i got wisdom can say get strength to speak about our Swamiji his life. But yes, first i see that person is spiritual or not. N may be he is not spiritual and i have started to talk if he is not taking interest i simply say; to understand you need divine grace 😃🤗. Many arguing, i never go in argue i just put my arm.

But if 1 from 10 listening and if his/her life transform. Then it will noble cause for universe. As if my brother hadn’t break my belief and not insist to hear once Swamiji’s discourse, i never what I’m today. Not only from outside, from inside. 
just go ahead, u will find wisdom words to transform someone’s life by divine grace. Universe will help n u will feel that surely.


Oh god!!! I feel the same. I really don't understand what is wrong with me i truly don't understand why is it that everytime I want to talk about Swamiji with someone, something just stops me. I don't know but it feels like the people around me won't understand or it not necessary to tell them anything. I don't i want to talk about Swamiji and his books his teachings...but it feels like a higher force stops me. I think it's only Swamiji and all the other beautiful devotees  can guide me on why it is so. Radhekrishna 🙏 LaxmiNarayan 😇


Jai Sri Hari my Mahamaya ji,

What a beautiful question! I guess, any question has Guruji's name in it, is a beautiful question. I don't have solution for this answer for you. When are you in love with the Divine, what you do, is your personal choice, and regardless, it will be a beautiful choice. 

So you go for it, and keep him in your heart forever!

Sending all my love and respect 💓🙏 🙏 


Answer to first question is no. Answer question to second question is that i kept it private. I don't feel to declare it as people themselves get to know and those who are genuine will come to me.


I have no qualms about letting people know of my Guru..atvthe same time i share His ideas with those who are seeking in one way or the other ..gently and not in a forceful way..speaking about Him in presence of all and sundry is a waste of time and effort as most people are not even bothered to even want to walk the spiritual path..

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