Is there a sadhna to contact Mahrishis of Vedic times?


Is there a sadhna to contact Mahrishis of Vedic times?

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Visit Badrika ashram. There is Om Swami. Have a private audience. Meeting him is like sitting face to face with all the ancient maharishis and Avatars  put together.  Why contact someone in the astral plane when you can meet someone in life and blood 🙂🙏🏻.


As Mihir wrote, the incident is mentioned in The Ancient Science Of Mantras

one day I decided to pray to sage Gautama. Gautama was a great ascetic who wrote monumental works on nyaya and tantra. I chose to pray to him because that was my gotra (lineage of a rishi one is born into). I thought, my family tree had started with him tens of thousands of years ago; he’s in my DNA; he ought to help me in my path because I didn’t want any siddhi or material attainments, I just wanted the truth.
In line with the injunctions of Atharva Veda, a scripture I was quite familiar with, I constructed a mantra of Gautama rishi even though I wasn’t qualified in any way to create my own mantra. Nevertheless, I did what I thought was needed, out of grave despair. Making that mantra mine, I prayed fervently. Day and night at every opportunity I chanted that mantra. In every prayer, I asked him to guide me regarding the next step. This was a 40-day sankalpa (vow) I had taken to call out to him.
On the 36th day of my anushthana, I woke up to a beautiful dream at around 3 am. He gave me my first mantra of Ganapati and asked me to first do my Ganapati sadhana. He then guided me to the next sadhana of a devi. He told me that I would get the next mantra during the Ganapati sadhana, and that he had done his job. He was a tall and a beautiful sage. His snow-white beard was almost touching his navel. Clad in a white dhoti, with an angavastram on the top half of his body, he was wearing a yagyopavita. Three lines of ash marked his forehead. He wore his hair in a topknot. A rudraksha chain adorned his long neck. He was barefoot. It’s a dream I would never forget.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


I do not remember if i read it in the book of Ancient Science of Mantras or heard it in a video by Swami jee but i do remember correctly that when Swami Jee had no Guru and was looking for one for his Sadhana, he considered his Gotra Rishi as Guru and did a sadhana and from there he got his first clue on how to tread this path. 

Secondly, i remember reading in the book by Ismita jee perhaps (not sure) that there was a Ramakrishna Paramahansa devotee looking for Guru and before accepting him as disciple Swami Jee established a connect with Paramahansa's spirit and sought his permission before taking that disciple under his refuge. 

Thirdly, i don't know how much you know about Sri Aurobindo but He was also a Rishi of Vedic yore. When he had reached advanced stage of his spiritual progress, Bhagwaan Sri Ram Krishna Paramahansa's spirit spoke to him and gave specific instructions. Not only that, Vivekananada despite having left mortal world, taught him about Supermind. You can read about these in below links:

So, to answer your question-- why not? If longing is there, contacts will get established. If need is there, helpers will arrive. But all this, only when you are ready. So, an unwanted suggestion-- Prepare yourself and all kind of things can happen. 




Do guru sadhana as mentioned in the ancient science of mantras book, I am sure it might help you


Jai Sri Hari. If you read yeh stories of Shankaracharya and Madhavacharya they both meditated and got Darshan of Ved Vyasa himself. He validated their interpretation of the sacred texts. Look at the beauty. One did an Advaita interpretation and the other a Dvaitha interpretation and they both got his blessing. Just shows the power of this culture to accept changing times. Varun bhai’s answer is perfect otherwise.


I know for a fact that there are sadhanas which can be performed for the guidance of our great Rishis. But like most sadhanas, these are also closely guarded secrets that are passed on from a sidhha (who has successfully performed the sadhana) to an eligible spiritual seeker. You can probably ask Swami ji for such a sadhana in a private meeting.

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