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Jai Shri Hari!

As I don't know hindi & there is no subtitles available, Can anyone translate everything (word by word) that swamiji says about mrityunjaya mantra in this video.

Please answer in the reply section (As I am not a premium member, I can't read your comments)

Thank you in advance.

Har Har Mahadev!

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[This is a basic translation and might contain few errors. Apologies for bad English.]


My personal experience about Mahamrityunjaya Mantra? "I am alive." (Joke)
and If I could tell something about the mantra.


I did Anushthan/Purushcharna only once for the mantra.
However, I have chanted it countless times. But I did that in childhood.

As I reached adolescence, my focus towards Sadhana changed and I chose one mantra over many mantras, and did Anushthan for that mantra until one gets satisfied, that I have awakened the mantra.

It's a Vedic Mantra, that's the most divine aspect of this mantra.

So, it is awakened in itself. However, there is its Vini Yog. 16 Sanskaras or at least 10 Sanskaras can be performed for this mantra. But it's an awakened mantra in itself.

The little difficulty I face is that, I don't want to say that One would become Immortal after doing this mantra or there would remain no disease(rog)/sadness(dukha)/grief(sok) [I might have erred here in the exact translation] in his/her life.

I just believe that, and which is my personal experience also, after chanting this mantra, you would get closer to Lord Shiva. Only He is Mrityunjaya (Immortal).

Recently I wrote a post quoting Ramesh Menon, which has a line, something like, "Thousand days of Vishnu is one day of Shiva."

And some people became restless/disturbed. They felt how can this be possible. Because, sometimes, whoever worships his Devta, he gets a question in his mind, who is the ultimate?

If Lord Vishnu's 1000 days is equivalent to Lord Shiva's only one day. Does this mean that Lord Vishnu became 1000 times lesser than Lord Shiva?

This is nothing but childness, in this thought.

Firstly, that thing is written in Shiva Puran.

All Shaiv texts lay different significance to different Devtas.

But, the crux is that, what is created by humans in 1000 years/days, can be destroyed even before 1 day.

In the play of nature/universe, humans work hard their whole life, they take a dream that I will live like this when I get to this stage. Or when I get this amount of money, I will do this. Or when I will reach to 40/50 years of age, I will do like this.

But many times, the destroyer, has different intention/plan.

Suddenly someone gets a disease and they realise they don't have that much amount of days left.

Or someone undergoes a fraud, they find, they don't have the money. I kept on imagining, worked very hard for 20-30 years, but still I am there only, where I was 30 years back. So the whole life gets disturbed.

Lord Shiva's 'one day' because he is the protector(or maintainer) of destruction. It doesn't take time for destruction to come, and when it comes, one moment is enough.

There is difference of only breath, between a living and dead person.

If breath is coming and going, then it is alive.

If the flow stops, it is death.

Due to this, The MahaMrityunjaya Mantra is a Mrityunjaya Mantra, I have probably talked on this earlier also, to which we generally assign the position of MahaMrityunjaya Mantra.

Mrityunjaya Mantra is also called Trayambak Mantra, which begins from Om trayambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushtivardhanam.

And one is MahaMrityunjaya Mantra which has Beejaakshar in the start (stated at timestamp 5:04) and Samput in the end. (5:11)

But one MahaMrityunjaya Mantra is more, which is received in Lineage, whose Anushthan was done by Me, therefore telling about that.

In that, when one person does the Anushthan of VedMata Gayatri first, and then does the Anushthan of MahaMrityunjaya Mantra, in that, suppose, as two snakes are coiled together, just like that, Gayatri Mantra and MahaMrityunjaya Mantra goes together (5:46).

..So like this the Mantra goes. Because I did that 20-25 years ago, even before that actually, Im so old, I forgot. I dont remember it completely.

With this Manta..Whichever Mantra if it is chanted with the aim for Mantra's Ishta's grace/love/ Saniddhya-to get closer then the Mantra has a deep impact on the chetna [Transl. conciousness/being (maybe)] and life.

It's not that the rain would stop for you. But, you would carry an umbrella, if you have achieved Siddhi over one Mantra.

If you have achieved Param Siddhi, than you will also get the rubber boots.

If you have achieved more Siddhi, raincoat will get added.

If you achieve more Siddhi, you will travel in car.

If you achieve more Siddhi, you won't go from home, someone else will do the job.

The meaning of saying is, What protects the Mann [Transl. maybe Mind], is Mantra.

And if protector of Mann and our Ishta is Lord Shiva, and He is being called by MahaMrityunjaya Mantra then a human starts to become fearless.

If one doesn't become fearless, then what was the use of Japa?

This is my believing and knowing.


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