What are effects of consistent Sadhana?


From the past 6 months almost,  i have been doing regular activities on Sadhana App like Japa, yagya, abhishek etc. I also did NavDurga and Surya Kartik Sadhana. Currently  also I am doing 40 days of Sadhana.

I want to know what changes should  I expect in my life both spiritually and  materially. I am asking this to know whether I am doing the sadhana  right.

If possible can anyone share how regular sadhana has changed them. 

Thankyou very much 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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I can't comment about doing sadhana on the app as I can't use it (because of my visual impairment).

That said, I've been doing different types of meditation from 2014 regularly, including sadhanas of different kinds, as taught by Swamiji in his books/retreats.

In my experience, it's easy to receive some effect from every sadhana, provided you are sincere and focus on right method and quality.

The right method involves one-pointed concentration and bhava.

Broadly speaking, I can classify effects of meditation/sadhana into two categories:

1. Personality: Earlier I was very ambitious about building companies and making money. I have made decent amount of money to help me retire in early age if I wish to. However, desire to make more money has almost gone. I'm not longer able to motivate me to work just for the sake of making more money, build bigger houses etc. The endless race seems meaningless as at the end of the each material success, you don't experience peace but a desire to start another race.

Some other personality changes are: 1) my sincere commitment to living a truthful live and have witnessed its power. 2) non-harming living being: so much so that I can't seem to kill mosquitos biting me with my own hands (though I can and do ask others to use the Electric Mosquito Hunter to clear them off) or pluck leaves of the plant, as somewhere something in me feel their pain if I do it with my own hands and it resists me from doing so. 3) anger, though haven't gone, have diminished to a great extent. I experience greater degree of acceptance – for both my vikaras like lust etc. as well as for vikaras in others. Daily practice helps me wipe out the hurt I may experience during the day.

A devotional side has manifested in me for My Lord which is quite dear, blissful and loving to me.

2. Mystic: There have been several mystical experiences and exposure to other dimensions of consciousness. I have intense experience of subtle energy body and can experience it anytime I so wish.

I live with intense sensations especially in the head. As I meditate, the intensity of sensations builds throughout the spine from bottom to the head.

Countless times I've experienced lucid dreams in which I'm aware of the dream and then have been able to run the dream mostly as per my wish – able to manifest mountains, sea, rain, fly through the sky experiencing flying literally with air pressure/clouds/rain, fly in space, touch sun, visit imaginary planets, lift and throw away large and heavy objects such as busses etc. manifest even girls :).

The endless column of very bright light that extends from bottom to top, the vibrating sound and the extreme heaviness of the primal force rising upward into the head – many yogic experiences I've been graced with, by regularly practicing meditation non-stop since 8 years.

IMO, mystical experiences are quite important to keep me motivated to walk the path, as they keep the curiosity alive which is crucial in the long and arduous journey of meditation.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


Varun's answer is awesome. I'd add that it builds up your willpower, which can be used for many things both spiritual and material. It's improved my overall mental well being as well.


I have been on sadhanas consistently over a past few months, it definately increased my will power, Helped me connect more with my inner voice, I feel closer to my ishta and I think the important change i have noticed is that it has brought me immense peace and calm. Even if i get hung up on something, the recovery has been faster then ever before. The effect of outside world and the people in it is still there but it has reduced considerably 


Jai Shri Hari Shalu Ji ! I have not done a lot of sadhana but I have had days when I do sadhana for weeks and then stop for some days. I have realized that every time I do sadhana it makes me a positive person and the flow of negative thoughts slows down to a trickle. More importantly it makes me more open to new ideas and thoughts. And when I stop, the positive effects still linger. But to make them permanent I need to continue or start sadhana again. Also this could be specific just to me but when I stop sadhana, somehow I automatically start eating and sleeping more than when I am doing sadhana. 😀 Hope this helps! 


Jai Shri Hari!!

One of the effect of Sadhana is “getting in touch with spiritually enlightened souls”.

Personally I have seen this happening. You will start meeting more such people who will give you directions and motivation to achieve further.

Allow me to quote very beautiful line from Ramcharitamanas :

बिनु सतसंग बिबेक न होई। राम कृपा बिनु सुलभ न सोई॥

it says without good company you will not grown intelligence and good company can’t be achieved without Ramji Kripa.

so, with Sadhna you have Shri Hari Grace!! Rest will follow.


Jaisi Hari Ichha!!


You will feel that you are more calm , satisfied. 

My experience is that i feel things work out for me easily .

The society generally becomes more helpful since you tap into the superconsciousness . 

Failures won't make you sad, success won't excite you .

You will achieve balance of mind and a vibrant personality .


I remember as a child when I had asked my mother if I need to perform all the rituals to attain freedom from being born again, my mother had said, "I don't think God is really interested in rituals. God is interested in your Unconditional Faith and Love." Till today I have followed that and God has helped me overcome and become. I have had an extremely challenging life till date and I have always had to create solutions by myself but praying to God every day has helped me preserve my mental equilibrium. I began using the Sadhana app when I decided to take up the Sri Suktam Sadhana and this particular Sadhana helped me get rid of a lot of negativity from my life. I have yet to ask the Divine Mother or Sri Hari for material benefits because I believe God helps those who help themselves so I really can't comment on that. Currently am doing the Sri Suktam Sadhana and the Nav Durga Sadhana and am completely loving it. I feel a lot at peace when I am performing the Sadhana. I gain a lot of clarity and I become more in tune with my energies. I also believe in the Law of Attraction so when I call upon the Divine Mother through these sadhanas, I believe she does help me create my solutions. I call it Divine Intervention. If you are looking for this then you should be consistent with your sadhanas. 🙂 

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