What did Om Swami ji meant by "Hanuman's presence is so real, it's scary"?



What did Om Swami ji meant by "Hanuman's presence is so real, it's scary"?

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Some questions are beyond our scope and this one is beyond mine.

Swamiji is at a level where things manifest when thought comes, So he might have experienced Hanumanji’s presence close to very real.  

I do remember when He and Ragu Swamiji were reading or chanting Ram Charita Manas all the monkeys came around and sat on trees to listen, they were many many of them. They only left when they stopped/completed.

We all know Hanumanji is one of the immortals but most of us have not personally felt his presence. We only believe what we have heard or read. So he is around or not has not come in our personnel experience. But if we reach to that level of our consciousness we might experience his presence with great certainty around us and get startled; we feel scary.


It means Hanuman’s presence is so real (and He may be roaming around) that if we could see and feel His presence, i.e. perceive the truth, we’d be shocked. Hence the term ‘scary’. It is just a way of saying we’d be shocked and in disbelief.


A part of the answer you will get from https://youtu.be/zbLTgok9qWo?t=1321


Where is it this statement coming from? I would love to hear it or read it from the source Himself, please?


Currently going through Hanuman Chalisa.

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