What did you learn from Guruji's (Om Swami) teaching so far?


What did you learn from Guruji's (Om Swami) teaching so far?

Do you use it in your daily life? Is it your way of living now? How is it affecting you so far?

Loads of love💖¬†

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My learnings in last two weeks ...

1. One thing that I learned with clarity (rather the learning got reinforced as a conviction as I already had some experience and the learning sort of confirmed my cognition) is that ... "It is possible to accomplish something in your life contrary to what your planets say. It is possible to be extremely successful and happy even if your planets are debilitated or malefic and It's simpler than we think." Further, "One easy way is to connect our individual consciousness with the supreme consciousness and the moment that happens, the energy of the universe starts to flow through us and we become very focused and productive in whatever we undertake (I had some experience in this also). Also, we are able to make the law of attraction work for us." (This I need to experience) 

2. Also, "each one of us has some wisdom to offer, unique role to play in this world in a complementary manner, irrespective of our education and background as we exist in coexistence as social beings".

3. That, "Money comes in the way of pursuing or achieving our dreams; and the truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way and nothing sets us free like wisdom". "It is always the first step: to know what we want to do with our life and then having the wisdom to act on it at the right time".



Anup (Vishnu)


Live.Love. Laugh. Give.❤️

I try to practice them the most to the best of my ability 


I learnt to be tolerant. Fanning the flames of your anger and irritation will only make it spread and it will burn oneself as well!


Learnt first hand from Om Swami how love for the Divine transforms a person. Whenever I start the day with the Divine, the trajectory of the day is filled with bliss and when it is otherwise the trajectory of the day is filled with roller coaster ride predominantly with anger and irritation. I aspire to fill everyday and every moment with the thought of the divine  and to get along with the world, that's my work in progress of Om Swami's teaching.


Everything..... 😃❤¬†


I am still learning this.

Below are some quotes by Swami Vivekananda on Strength. This is Swami Ji's teaching also.

"Tell the truth boldly, whether it hurts or not. Never pander to weakness. If truth is too much for intelligent people and sweeps them away, let them go; the sooner the better."

"This is a great fact: strength is life; weakness is death. Strength is felicity, life eternal, immortal; weakness is constant strain and misery, weakness is death."

"Anything that brings spiritual, mental, or physical weakness, touch it not with the toes of your feet."

"Strength and manliness are virtue; weakness and cowardice are sin."

"We are forever trying to make our weakness look like strength, our sentiment like love, our cowardice like courage, and so on."

"Many a time comes when we want to interpret our weakness and cowardice as forgiveness and renunciation."

I like his observation on people conflating Love and being sentimental. Or rather justifying sentimental behavior as Love. This is Swami Ji's teaching as well and it relates to Strength.


"Strength and manliness are virtue; weakness and cowardice are sin."

I also like Vivekananda's bold proclamation on Manliness.

Today, boys are not taught how to be a man. Instead on Social Media, we can see all forms of Masculinity described as toxic. I have seen far too often boys being afraid to express their own masculinity in a healthy manner. Because of this toxic culture. 

Fourth Wave Feminism has a problem. Unlike previous waves of feminism, this one is not led by capable hard-working Women. This one is led by Politicians using Social Media to spread propaganda that serves them instead of empowering Women. (And Men as well indirectly). 

Great article on how to be a man here. Society needs to teach this. It will not suddenly fall into the lap one day.

Great article on what is wrong with Feminism today here. 


That life has to be fair and y me are just Achintya.


Om Sri Hari Meera Om Ji,

That is true 🙏 That is the base philosophy of spirituality. All we need to do is solve the puzzle of this quote, and we see the Divine.¬†

I am so happy that you follow it.

Sending all my love and respect 🙏💗

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