What is meaning of Aasana Siddhhi?


What's d meaning of aasana sidhhi? For what n y we need aasana sidhhi? How can we??

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As you perfect your posture, as you get Asana siddhi, the direction of flow of different energies in your body changes. When you sit really still, without major pains, stable, firm and free at same time, things start happening. You tap into your pranic body, etheric body. How it feels, it feels as if you are electrified. As a child (just a few years ago), we used to lick a 9V battery with tongue to get that current like sensation, when you move closer to Asana siddhi, you feel that in your body. It fills you with so much energy to finish everything without getting tired. As you sit more stable, you experience different layers and states of mind. My best time is +2hrs, so it's from my personal experience. How to get it? Practice + will power + subtle tweaks or you can say some ways through which it becomes easier. Hope this helps 🙏

Edit: you need Asana siddhi because only when you are in touch with your other bodies will major spiritual evolution happen. It's necessary so that you can handle the energy which awakens within you. For example, you can't pass 220V on thin wires which are used in toys, you need thick transmission lines for that. 


It means attaining mastery over a yoga pose where you can comfortably settle yourself and focus on your practice without getting disturbed by the awareness of the body.It can be achieved only through practice and going through the initial period of pain , stiffness ..there is no other way..asana siddhi is the first step in the journey to higher levels of meditation 


consistency and sticking to one goal at a time with BL will help you. - DAILY

Also Million Thoughts is my go to book and swamiji's videos.

enjoy the journey


I think it means being able to sit still in one posture for as long as you want or at least for a long period of time (few hours).

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