What is your power in your difficult times? Who's your ultimate refuge 🌼


Please share what has been your power during this Life time.


It was depression few years back like sleeping all day, or crying alone in a room or just watching movies to avoid the thoughts or fighting with everyone around me because I didn't know how to handle my frustration or sadness.

But now it is Lalita Sahasranama plus Swamiji (Talking with him in my mind, fighting with him and then saying sorry for that).

I've never met Swamiji physically even though I know about him from past 4-5 years but it is different from past 1 or 2 years, Something is changed, Don't know but something is different now.

Now Swamiji and Mother are like inner friends for me, Mostly I ask questions from Swamiji but then my focus gets shifted to The Mother and I ask questions from her. I fight with them, ask questions, saying that I will never talk with them again and after some time again same thing starts.

But yeah, Now it is them.

Jai Shri Hari.


Mother Kali and Shiva ❤️


Answer is in question itself. ultimate power- supreme power- parabrahma, in all.


Praying. Mantra chanting. And continuing my practice no matter what. Thanks for the question. 


Faith and surrender 


Lalitha Sahasranama




Lord shiva , Maa durga, Swamiji  nobody else 🙏


God and Guru.......my ultimate backup power 24×7

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


My family and my close friends who I love in Mother’s love! 


three things :

maa kali 

sri hari 

shahi paneer along with chilled whisky .


Blessed to have a close-knit family and amazingly fortunate that we have the biggest blessing that is Swamiji! I rely on them. They share all my successes and downfalls, all my laughter and tears, all my joy and anger. Couldn't do without them🙏


My Father 😇


Bagwan and my Guru... 

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