What makes you feel most empowered??


What makes you feel most empowered??

10 Answers

Doing any devi sadhana makes me feel very empowered. 


Finally realizing that what I was looking for is where I was looking from all along.


I feel most empowered when I'm in dispassion and detachment which mostly arises when I meditate on mortality and our short stay on this planet.


Swamiji and Sri Hari bhgvan ji's presence in my life is the most empowering thing I can think of. Spirituality in it self also is so empowering. It helped me a lot. 🙂 Jai Sri Hari!!! 


in surrender, in humility, in being self- aham brahmasmi


Offering my love and support to others and receiving the same from others! 


Thinking that my Mother walks with me 


I don't feel that anymore. I did feel it once, I took control of my life and made a positive change. It's done now. After, a realization occurred, that the I-ness has disappeared. Now there is no I or me, so there is no one to empower within, it's just Divine everywhere.


Being selfless, try for greater good, acceptance and surrender, stay connected to ur foundation / your Ishta/ur Guru. 


Doing my Karma. If I don't do my work properly or complete I feel something is missing inside me. But when I complete my tasks and sadhana and all karmas I feel more empowered.

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