What to do - Bhakti and Sadhana or “Bhakti or Sadhana” ?



I want to do Bhakti desperately but I also want to do Sadhana, from the revolutionary app for focus as my focus is छिन्न-भिन्न currently.  Swamiji, from my understanding of listening to him, urges to dive deep into a single path be it Dhyana, Bhakti , Sadhana etc. I am 25 and in संशय। Please help 🙏

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Jai Sri Hari,

My limited understanding recommends Bhakti and Sadhana, because Sadhana helps build up discipline and affinity and strong bond towards the deity you have become the Bhakta of. 
And as Swami Ji says- No Sadhana goes to waste. Therefore every Sadhana we do helps us purify ourselves and takes us closer to the Divine. 
Swami ji also says- Thoda sa Dhyaan, Thoda sa Bhakti, Thoda sa Gyaan, is what will help us. 🙏🙏

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