What's your Idea of self realisation?


According to you, what will it feel like? 

I really don't have an answer of my own 🤣

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Just like no two grains of sand look exactly alike even though they are fundamentally one and the same, according to my understanding there will be as many expressions and flavors of the experience of realization as there are minds in the cosmos. That said the one common thread underlying all of them would be a deep acknowledgement and understanding of the fact that Events Happen, Deeds are done but There is No Individual Doer Thereof. With that understanding arises a complete and total acceptance and surrender to the " Suchness " of life and a deep sense of respect for all expressions of life, because ultimately all the different expressions are essentially part of the same ONE Consciousness.

  • You will feel your consciousness has expanded to include every one in this universe. Sense of Self (that you are only in your body) will disappear / will reduce (some ego is needed to remain alive). You will see the divine in all beings.
  • You will feel the pain in anyone else's life just like you feel in yours.  You will love all beings equally. But you will be detached, and mostly unaffected with the daily ups and downs of the life. 
  • People in your presence will feel more calm.
  • You will have complete surrender to the divine/nature.

    Jai Sri Hari!

ps: To answer this question from what Bhagavad Gita shares with us - 

BG 2.55:
 The Supreme Lord said: O Parth, when one discards all selfish desires and cravings of the senses that torment the mind, and becomes satisfied in the realization of the self, such a person is said to be transcendentally situated.

2.56 - One whose mind remains undisturbed amidst misery, who does not crave for pleasure, and who is free from attachment, fear, and anger, is called a sage of steady wisdom.

2.57 - One who remains unattached under all conditions, and is neither delighted by good fortune nor dejected by tribulation, he is a sage with perfect knowledge.

2.58  - One who is able to withdraw the senses from their objects, just as a tortoise withdraws its limbs into its shell, is established in divine wisdom.


I read somewhere, "God defined is God defied".

It can't be answered exactly in words, it's just impossible, so the upanishads say "Neti-neti", not this, not this. It can't be put in words because words and language is relative and limited. The experience of what lies beyond is rooted in silence, silence is infinite. Just think this way, a word, sentence, story, anything begins and ends. But where? In silence. It starts and ends in silence. So it's limited and silence is eternal, infinite, immortal. So the exact experience of beyond can't be explained in words by anyone, not even by Divine, if it were so, than every indian household would have had at least one self realized person because Bhagvad Gita is found in every home. All scriptures are like pointers, lamp-posts, to give a faint idea of what can't be put in words. The only way to understand is to experience first-hand.

Plus, there are no as such perfectly separated stages. Everything is overlapped. For example, in a rainbow, although we say there are 7 colours, it's a very rough idea. If you look closer, they are overlapped, not separated as such, it's a continuous spectrum.

Self-realisation can mean different things to different people.

Having said that, here are a few things I know. The verses that Ravi ji has mentioned, I experienced them first-hand on few occasions, in moments of utmost stillness and silence. It's an altogether a different feeling, in that stage the difference between dream and reality vanishes. When awareness is firmly centered internally. When you don't do meditation, it just happens.

It (no particular term- just it) will be when the mental space merges with the infinite outer space, that time you realize, "I am that". It is like breaking of a long dream. It is like death of limited self and birth of infinite self. It is like drop merging in ocean. But when drop merges in ocean, ocean also merges in drop. It is like becoming zero. It is like losing yourself in a void, in a black-hole. But when you become zero, you also become infinite. Who is sadhak and who is sadhya than? Who is bhakta and who is ishta then? When the border which separates "you" and "that" is removed, than you are that and that is you. When sadhak merges in ishta, who will say "I did sadhana". It is like a great discovery, remembrance of what is already there. It happens when you discover the primordial, all-pervading, stillness, emptiness, the great void which is the source of all. It is becoming aware of the eternal moment callod "Now/Present".  It comes with a deep sense of acceptance of each and everything and everyone. Then you feel same love for your Ishta as well as for the most wicked person you can imagine. Because you see that both are divine, in different roles. There is nothing undivine. The label of divine and evil lose sense. It is beyond good-bad, right-wrong, moral-immoral, it just is. It is a higher reality which breaks the lower reality.

This was too much food for thought 🙈 I don't really know if it makes sense, but I told earlier, it can't be explained 😛. Hope I didn't confuse you more with these words !!!

(P.s- I have just had glimpses and some continuous awareness of my truth, I am not completely awakened yet 😅)


Calming the afflictions of the body, settling the mind, and situate in soul.

Is enlightenment in nutshell, the truth I found. 

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


सोइ जानइ जेहि देहु जनाई। जानत तुम्हहि तुम्हइ होइ जाई॥ तुम्हरिहि कृपाँ तुम्हहि रघुनंदन। जानहिं भगत भगत उर चंदन॥

प्रभु की कृपा से प्रभु के दर्शन होते है और जिस किसी को दर्शन होते है को प्रभु स्वरूप हो जाता है। अर्थात जो गुण प्रभु में है, इष्ट में है वही साधक में आ जाते है। मृदुता कृपालुता, दया, परोपकार, मधुर भाषण, परहित की भावना। 

इस चौपाई में सब छिपा है, प्रभु आप चंदन है और आपका भक्त भी चंदन।

It's a realisation for  Bhakta to see his or her isht everywhere...

For me it'll be different for you it'll be different but both are realisations.


My personal idea of self-realization is living with the experience that

* I'm not the body

* I'm eternal

* I'm the pure awareness/consciousness

* I'm not limited by nature

* I have access to the resources of the whole creation, yet I'm free from all selfish desires

* I'm in union with divine

* I can talk/see/touch my Ishta

* I'm an exact replica of universe - microcosm is the same is macrocosm

* I can come and go by my own will

* I can be anything I 'will' (not want - no desires having hold on me).

* I'm supremely detached

* I'm able to help those who seek my help

* I only harbor love and compassion for every being

* I can speak and stand for truth, without fearing any consequences

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


As per my knowledge of Advait vedanta, Self Realisation means experience of the Self. आत्मानुभूती /अपरोक्षअनुभूती. The Self Realised master lives in the jagat as if playing a role. As he realized Brahman, he became Brahman. For him, there remains no other. He is absolute Bliss.🙏 This is my knowledge.....not experience. 🙃


Live laugh love give


You get connected to the galactic network. And have access to all the information. Unlike now, where we only see a portion of the reality, then we could see and understand the complete. That complete would be the divine. And we would realise, oh, all this time I was not only the part of the universe but the universe itself (just didn't know that).

But the thing is knowing or speculating is nothing compared to experiencing it firsthand. That is the whole journey 😀


From the glimpses of what I've got, you basically drop out of body awareness and become totally and utterly situated here in the now. It is not an experience that happens. Rather, you are present but it's all you. I don't know how better to explain this. 

Let me make another attempt to explain. I was looking through my eyes. Then I became the act of looking. Then the me, the act of looking and what was being looked at all merged into one. So that, everything in the field of vision was me. There were no differences at all. 


No idea!😂 Absolutely none!


Jai Sri Hari Supriya ji,

Good question. I wrote an article last week on this. If you get a chance please read it, you may find your answer there.


Sending all my love and respect.


 the 'idea' of self realisation- shivoham, aham brahmasmi, tat tvam asi....all mahavakyas as read and heard -- yet to know.


I think of self realization as having a really holistic, rational and infinite perspective.

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