Where can I get a Swami ji Charan pic if any one have i need


Where i get swami ji Charan pic if any one have i need

6 Answers

Please head over to omswami.org and explore the Events Gallery.

Once you find the photo you want, use the “contact us” link on the website to ask about the next steps about getting the photo.


Muje 1 bhi nahi mila i check full gallery event pic


Please look again, carefully. There are many. I know for sure there is more than one. Guru Purnima 2019 especially. And elsewhere too.


Kindly check in 2019 events gallery in Swamiji's birthday celebrations photographs. I just checked it when I clicked on Swamiji's charan picture it says, "For this image, please write to contact : omswami@gmail.com. Hope you find your desired picture there. Incidentally, two days back I found another picture of Swamiji's feet perhaps in one of the gurupurnima pictures. So there are two images of Swamiji's feet. Hope you find it. Thanks


I found these two images on os.me event gallery. 


There are many pics of swamiji feet on this link


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