Why and how are the vedas sources of dharma?


It is written that vedas along with  smriti, conduct of good people and one 's own heart perhaps(?) are the sources of dharma or what is right or wrong perhaps.(by manu smriti)

So can anyone with examples from the vedas tell me how they teach about dharma. Because mostly there are mantras and ways to do Yagya (i might be wrong )

2 Answers

Agar tujhe ptaa bhee chal gaya tto paraee aur exam karne hee parrenge Shivansh. Please focus on that currently,mind asks question and question,think when it asks again how will it make a difference in my existence? Then look for answer. O have kids of your age so might sound like a strict teacher/ mom.


Vedas have multiple parts of knowledge .... Only some portion is Prayers..... See SwamiJi s video on YouTube named "Learning Vedic literature" it's explained there.

Jnan khand,  Sadhana khand and one more.

And i think conduct was mostly decided by Smritis..... Because they were like laws of that time.

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