How to pray when things are completely out of your control?



I am talking  about situations where you are absolutely  helpless and at mercy of others  whims and fancies. The only recourse is prayer. How should one pray as there is absolutely  no other action that is possible and one is engulfed with worry and anxiety? Also the decisions will take 2-3 months to be made, so very difficult to maintain calm during this time. How to channelise one's fear and worry into prayer?

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I am sorry to hear that you are going through a tough situation, Shailu. 

It isn’t easy but the best way is surrender. 
In such situations as long as you have done the best you can and things are out of your control, speak your heart out to the Divine and leave the outcome at His feet.

Surrendering and after telling Him that now it is for Him to handle, you will feel a burden be lifted off your shoulders.

Additionally what Anu suggested about relying on a trusted friend is super helpful. If you don’t have such a friend, I’d suggest praying for one or life guides if you feel completely overwhelmed.


It’s a challenging situation no doubt! Waiting always is so hard:( Here are some suggestions:

1. Rely on the support of a trusted friend who can a) listen to you empathetically b) reinforce faith and surrender c) do so for the next two months as many times as you need. 

2. Once done with the above process and when done with the waiting period, vow to be that trusted friend to someone else. 

May divine grace be with you in this difficult times! 

Sending you all my love!


Hi Shailu,

I pray that God sends his angels to comfort you during this difficult time, and that he gives you strength to get through the situation that is causing such pain. 

One way to pray when things are completely out of your control is to ask God for wisdom and discernment. Asking Him to show you what He wants you to do or where He wants you to go next. Asking Him how He wants you to respond so that you don't do anything stupid or foolish but instead make wise choices that align with His will and purpose for your life and the lives of others around you .

Another way to pray is to ask God for strength and courage. Asking Him to help you persevere through this difficult time so that you can bear your burden with grace and dignity. Request God to help you understand the situation so that you can be a good friend and support system for those who are hurting. Sometimes all we need is an ear to listen and someone who cares enough to simply be there with us when things get hard.

Thank God for his blessings and protection during these challenging times. Even if there aren't many things in our lives that make us feel blessed at this moment, thank God for all the good things he has given us in the past. Take care, sending love and warmth your way. Prayers for you and your loved ones.


Hi dear. The first thing which you should keep in mind that you are not alone. Prayer is the most powerful weapon you have. Sadhvi Vrinda ji has penned down the awesome book A Prayer that never fails in which she has outlined the ways one should offer prayer. Every thing whether good or bad will come to an end. The more vigorous it is, the more close it is to its end. The simplest prayer you can offer is Om Swami saranam. Sending lots of love and courage on your way..


Shailu Ji sorry to hear you are going through a lot. One thing that I have noticed happen with me is that when in a very bad situation it becomes impossible to stop the negative thoughts from coming plus the anxiety goes up. 
1) to try and stop the over powering feelings, start watching your thoughts. It’s not always easy but just watch your thoughts like a movie and it will help them stop or pause for a few seconds. Then take a couple of deep breaths and start praying. The emotions and thoughts will come back but it’s ok. Let it flow.

2) other thing that works is sometimes it’s easier to ‘replace’ the thoughts instead of stopping them. But replace it with something you enjoy and something that will engage you fully. Like having a potluck at home with close friends, read a funny writer or novel, go watch a movie. 
hope this helps! Hang in there ….. it will get better. 


In times of uncertainty I just pray my Isth requesting to be with me all the time. Consciously try to  offer all your work, thoughts to Isth. Out of no where a friend or stranger will cross your way to show new path. It might not be what you want. But retrospective you will notice that it was best for you. This was always my experience. Patience and faith Shailu ji. Hari om


Remember, even this shall pass! And I mean it. 

In such situations, often our thoughts and stories our mind creates are the biggest problem. Put a control on it. 

  • Be aware of the fact that every passing day is taking you closer to happy days.
  • One day at a time. Imagine yourself getting stronger with every passing day. You are actually. 
  • Sometimes crying help you in overcoming anxiety. Remember, what I did, I called upon HIM, the almighty, and asked for forgiveness (for whatever I am not aware of) while crying. 
  • Reaffirm yourself with some statement in your mind along with continuous mantra jap. For example, It's getting better now! Every situation could be dealt with with this statement. I do it often. And keep Swamiji in your thoughts. 
  • Meditate, and try to create a vacuum in your thoughts. I mean, try to go thoughtless. This duration will make you stronger and enable you to think positively. 

I wish you come out of the situation with flying colors. May the divine grace be with you! 

Also, consider reaching out to the samurais here on this platform who will help you, by listening to you. As Komal already suggested. 


You could pray to yourself. Listen to all your worries and doubts. Smile. Tell yourself that worrying won't solve the problems. Tell yourself what you already know. That it isn't necessary to take any action right now. You don't exist in the future. What happens in the future, you'll take care of it then. Imagine yourself as a tiny child, worried and anxious. How would you take care of her? Take her in your arms, tell her that you understand her worries and anxieties. Tell her you love her. Tell her that whatever the future holds, we'll take care of it together. 

We all love you and care for you very much. If you need help, don't hesitate to reach out.

Jai Sri Hari


Also, you may find great support and help, you can reach out to the life guides on Their service is completely free. You can write to them here:   I hope this helps.


Shailu ji, very sorry to hear that you r going through difficult time. I agree When worry and fear takes over it is very difficult to calm your mind channel your thoughts in positive direction. 
I think some self-reflection with witnessing your thoughts and accepting that some how you r in situation where nothing is in control can help calm down racing of thoughts. Once your mind accepts not being in control and uncertainty of situation - it can help you surrender to your faith and belief. Also weighing your options and possible planning while you wait can help you with your worries. As few days passes- and you feel more together-try to keep a routine of physical exercise, meditation, and prayers. Maybe visualize results in your favor for you for few mins a days. I know it’s difficult but as days passes- try to concentrate on what is in your control and surrender rest to divine. 
May divine grace be with you!! Take care 🙏

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