On Death: Choosing How To Die. Ever thought about this?


Death is going to visit us sooner or later. And so many people die everyday on this planet. Have you ever thought about how you would like to die?

We can't choose our death. Or can we? And if yes, to how much extent? Should we even choose our death? If you had the choice, how would you like to execute your passing? Let me know in the comments. 🙏🌸

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1. Yes, with a smile.

2. How we live determines how we die. As humans, we have a great degree of freedom in choosing our actions, responses and conditions.

3. Check out the life of Diogenes the Cynic. Dude just stopped breathing through sheer force of will.

4. I imagine a beautiful way to die would be to expend every ounce of our life energies in service of this world, then...detachedly watch it merge away. From a no-thing, to nothing.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


Jai Sri Hari Alok ji,

Your question is interesting so here are my thoughts.
Just to be technically correct, we never born or die. This answer is for the body form. As you know your body is in your consciousness. Once the work of this body is done and/or when the consciousness needs to move on, it will leave this body. There is nothing negative about it. When and how you leave the body (just like how you change your outfits) is not important but when you have this body, how your consciousness make use out of it, is more valuable. 
We are blessed to have Gurjit in our consciousness. Our body form help us touch his lotus feet and sheds tears of love when we hear his glorious voice. We can use this body to offer seva. I may change this body form thousand times, as long this heart beats for Sri Hari Ji and beloved Guruji. 
Sending my love and respect 🙏🏻❤️


Jai Shri Hari Alok Ji,

1. Yes, It is 100% possible that you can choose your death and let alone choosing, You can even decide when and how you want to go. Yogis do this.

But it needs the best focus/concentration. I mean THE BEST.

2. I don't care about the way of my death but whenever it happens, I just want to say SRI-MATA in my last moment.


Like suddenly let my neck fall to one side and my tongue stick out and boom!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Hi Alok,

It's a very good question and I think everyone should think about it and answer it for self (sooner the better). Technically I am not eligible to answer this question, but I can give you insights from my practice and contemplation on the idea of death. I have been contemplating on death and making changes in my lifestyle since last 4-5 years. I have found it difficult to arrive at definite thought on death, because my maturity continues to evolve. I would say ultimately it comes down to exercising the thought and as a reminder to myself everyday that - today could be my last day. It changes everything when you start your morning with that thought - I find myself struggling for minutes sometimes to get something done because I don't want it to be postponed for tomorrow. It's funny the more you remember your death, the more you live in today! The more the awareness you carry in the day, the lesser you would find yourself wasting any time. Death is the only truth we are walking towards and as many brilliant and beautiful people in this thread have highlighted different factors, they all are in play and they can alter your destiny. 

To be honest, more than death, I am worried about how I am living today? Am I living up to my benchmark for the day?

I do know one thing, that nature will unlock your ability to know your death when you are ready to handle it and when you know how to use that knowledge for the good. Otherwise, just like our 5 senses (for some 6 senses) why nature unlocks this ability to only few? I hope I was able to give you some insights. All the best!


Alok ji, I have read in multiple books that with meditation once you reach a specific point(not sure what that point is), you can know when you are about to die. So there is a way to know when you are getting close to death. I don't think everyone can choose their deaths. But if Sri Hari graces me with this choice, I don't think the actual means of passing will matter to me but more so, in my last moments I would like to die with the divine's name or my Guru's name in my heart. Hopefully with no fear ! Now Mahakal can come in way, shape or form but if my last thought is of divine/Guru, I am a happy camper. 😀 


However it may come. Only one desire I have is I should be able to take Shri Hari name and leave!


Hello Alok ji, 

I only want to chant Ram Naam in my mind and heart before I die no matter how painful it gets before death. Only time will tell, cause it's easier said then done. 


Paryopavesha.... Sallekhana.... Or if could do so by spiritual power, by using that power with Him/Ishta in thoughts.


Prarabdha is not in our control. How we will die, what diseases we will have in this life is already decided at the time of our death in previous life only. The jiva nucleus ( chidabhas+vasana layer/ causal+ subtle body-along with subtle elements already had been given a blue print of our next janma; before our  physical body dropped. 

So the mode and the cause and the time of our death is already fixed. ( being a doctor, i have been witnessing these happenings and coorelating with the scriptural declaration; specially' Brahmasutra'). A high risk patient, fearful about death during operation, recovers well and then die with a small injury after many years. 

So what is in our hands? The agami karma. We can choose to be in God consciouness most of the time, so that at the time of death, we can remember and utter His name at ease. Best death is the one, when we remember Him, so that the jiva nucleaus will have some good merits for getting better janma next time. So for this, one must be habitual for thinking about God and chanting His name.  Because it will not come all of a sudden at the time of death. Jai Sri Hari !🙏😊


Alok ji - if I could reach that point when we can choose when to leave body, then what else is needed.  Even reaching to a point a where we can find out when are going to leave body is amazing.  I am not sure if we can choose how to leave body.  But when I leave there should be no desire left and should be able to ask forgiveness from Divine before leaving.


There is no point in thinking about something that is inevitable.


I wonder why you are worried about something that is not related to your soul . Spirituality is about the soul which never takes birth and doesn’t die . 
Just live sensibly and lively and happily … what is death ???

just a thought!


I want die while chanting my Lord's name. I want to be infront of my Bhagwan...

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