I booked my visit to Ashram but can't book a meeting with Swamiji, I am sad, pls help


I booked my visit to Ashram but can't book a meeting with Swamiji, I am sad, pls help

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Thank you! So much for help. I understand now that the system is

inundated with too many requests. I am happy now that I know help is going to people who really need it.

You all prevented me from incurring a huge karmic liability of taking away help from someone who really needs it. I am happy that I realized this now vs in the hindsight, I would have been ashamed of myself and without an option to change my decision.

Maybe the divine is bringing me there for another reason.


Navjot ji - I know how it feels.  I also booked a trip with my family around New Year and planned to take my son for first time.  Was hoping to meet Swami ji, but by then the form got filled. 

We can pray to him/Sri Hari so somehow the meeting happens. If it is urgent issue, you can send email to ashram email, I believe.

Jai Sri Hari!


Somewhere on the website it's written if you are not able to book for personal meeting...they try to place us somewhere in group meetings.  Just recollected readiing this..

Please don't be sad. If Sri Hari wills all is possible 😊


Dear mam, Jai shri hari🙏

What are the dates have you booked for, they must be during the (personal meeting + discourse ) dates set aside by swamiji for all personal meetings.

Hopefully you might know about the personal meeting form that is to be filled up .

The reply of which is received maybe 3-4 days before your arrival date which tells us about the outcome of our Meeting that is whether it will be personal or in a group.


In this sadhna time He is not meeting to anyone . But from Nov to March retreat meeting and initiation is there. You can check your dates and book.


Dear Navjotji, sorry to hear that. Are you booking for personal meeting? In that case fill out the form for personal meeting. Hope this helps 🙏


Navjot ji, I think the form for personal meeting has been closed because too many people have applied for it.


I too tried to access the form yesterday 🙁 but the following msg appeared;

"Thank you for your interest. This meeting request form is now closed. We have over 300 meeting requests. Those who have applied can expect to hear at least three days before the event start date."


Believe me, Mother Goddess takes care of everything. If you have any question and have complete faith in him he will answer that in discourse. It Happened to me, I wrote three questions to ask in meeting but before going to meet my Lord in meeting room, my questions got answer discourse only. And if you truly love him so don't be sad, be happy because you are not putting much burden on him. I understand how it feels but see the positive side. There are Devotees who book for meeting but at the time of meet they don't go and save their lord's time so he could go and have some rest that's something divine. Don't worry he'll take care of all of us. Jai Shri Hari 

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