Does mantra Japa affect Karma?



Does mantra Japa affect Karma?

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Hi Anirudh,

I totally get it and this is indeed a long process. However, I can assure you that the very fact that you are preoccupied with thoughts that you haven't yet attained your inner self means that you have already burnt through vast karmic reservoirs! To quote Sri Yogananda " it takes very very VERY GOOD KARMA to even want to know god ". So my dear friend you are closer to your liberation than what you may be aware of, so pls take heart in this, you are doing great as is! 

Coming to your statement "I was wondering if Japa has impact on Karma..and seems like it does, though not sure of the exact relationship"...I would ask you one question: Do you chant your mantra like it were a spiritual tool you implement or do you have a relationship with your mantra? In my experience, getting to know a mantra is very much like the process of courtship. At the first stage of your relationship, you ask someone out on a date and then you try to prove to the other person that you are sincere in your intentions and that you deeply care for them and make them your highest priority right? At this point the other person is still evaluating you and hasn't yet decided to invest their energy in you. Only after a period of proving your love and commitment does the other person finally yield and they start to get invested in you. 

All the sadhana part of mantra japa is like the first stage of a courtship where you are trying to convince the mantra that you are someone that it should invest in. At one stage, the mantra starts to reciprocate your love and in turn starts to get invested in you! I can say from my personal experience this happens. When your mantra starts to reciprocate your love, your connection with the mantra goes to a whole new level, and you start to relate to your mantra like you would with a person you absolutely adore. Even once two partners are invested in each other, the relationship hasn't reached the climax yet. Only once you are married does your relationship reach fruition right? Same way only once you and your mantra merge into one where there is no separation between you and your mantra will you attain final liberation.

So, I would say do continue with your Japa, dont lose heart, keep going and you will succeed.


The minds craving for experiencing duality (i.e. subject and object relationship), is what fuels Karma. The goal of mantra Japa is to get the mind to shift its focus from being outwardly projected to being centered on an inner reality. Being centered within makes a person develop non-attachment to the objects of the world and derive more and more joy from their own inner reality, which is meant to lead one to being freed from karma. Thus, I would say yes, mantra Japa does have an impact on karma.

2   (video from 0:44 to  5:20). 

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