Have you ever felt like you lived enough and fulfilling like and you want leave this body


Have you ever felt like you lived enough, a fulfilling life and your major dreams are fulfilled and you feel like you are ready to leave this body? (Like in positive way, out of happiness) 

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I have not achieved all the major dreams. But whenever i cross a challenge, I feel quiet opposite. I feel like inviting everyone I know for lavish dinner (2 snacks - Paneer Tikka + Dahi Ke Kabab wgerh, saare chaat items, 3 Main Course - Daal Makhani + Shahi Paneer + Mix Veg, plus all breads, you get the deal😂). Every one will have a good time and relaxing music will play in the background. After the guests are full they'll start bitching about their bosses, neighbors, etc and some time later everyone will feel light and happy.

Sounds too shallow but I have felt this is exactly how general people (me) celebrate after accomplishing. 

Oh and I didn't forget putting deserts in my menu, I've left it as a homework for the readers 😎


Jai Sri Hari. Every time you feel like this, think of Swami. I did not know this, but when I was at the ashram twice last year, his father had an accident and was recovering from it. Among all that trauma, Swami was smiling, initiating people, giving personal meetings, dealing with their grievances, working on the Sadhana app, planning the revival of Sanatana Dharma, and doing a million other things. So if we consider him our guru, our lives are not ours anymore. Let's burn it up, serving his cause, and we can go with a smile whenever it's our turn.


No, I don't think so. I don't think I have done anything much so far.

"They alone live who live for others, rest are more dead than alive" Swami Vivekananda said this, and a guiding path.  

I will be done

I will be done when nature has got the best use of my abilities, to further its divine leela.
I will be done when my consciousness has expanded.
I will be done when I see God in everyone.
I will be done when I see God in everyone, and I share how to get there with all.

I will be done only when my Guru tells me I am done.
I will be done when Divine Mother calls me home.


Yes, I do feel like I have lived enough to be honest:) 


Yes, I have felt that at various moments in meditation, desire to end everything out of bliss and feeling of being fulfilled 🙂


Yes, I do. I just know that if death comes knocking even as I am writing this comment, I would go. 


Although I don't have any attachment to life, I have not yet fulfilled my responsibilities towards my dependents. Therefore, I would like to hold on to my body for a few years more. 🙂


No.<not married yet>


जैसे अक्षय भैया ने कहा और मेरा भी अब यही विचार रहता है कि सांसारिक कर्तव्यों को निभाते हुए एक दिन अपनी सारी ऊर्जा और शेष जीवन सनातन धर्म के  विराट ध्वज  को आकाश में फहराने में अपना तुच्छ योगदान दूं।

धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः🌺🕉️⚛️👏


If I consciously say then answer is yes but unconsciously something is still left. what is that , truely speaking i don't know. 


I am 26. I too feel at times that I have actually lived my life. I have acheived my goals, travelled, had great sex with multiple partners (nothing wrong), happy being single, sit alone at places and smile (even looking at the sunrise and sunset), look at others and just give a smile. Laugh at my past sad/horrible traumatic memories and what not hahaha...

Now, I am living to acheive few more goals which I have set for myself and for my friend to help him take on the good experiences which I had taken. The only good we can do is to help)

If death comes one of a sudden and if I find god, I would actually ask him to let me stay here, If not:

Sorry Supreeth, you carry on! )


I feel like if Mahakaal hasn’t come for us yet maybe something is pending. Looking at the way Swamiji continues to work for all of us, especially since He has actually achieved everything, maybe we all, every single one of us has still some contribution left to make, maybe someone else’s life to be made more beautiful even if for a few minutes. It could be by just writing a blog on Hanuman Ji 😊 or about a beautiful article on love Narayani Ji! It’s not time yet till then let’s just all smile, thank Him and help others smile. 


Yes indeed..but as this is not going to happen its best to align yourself with you Guru and simply follow instructions..


As of now, .... I daily feel this. 

Plus most can contribute to world.... But i don't feel motivated to do even anything.. nor do I have any skills which are in trend nowadays... Don't feel like even learning them.

Only thing i want to be like that too is shattered on hourly bases daily... Don't know why it happens.

[Can't explain explicitly]

I'm living for only one reason & other than that one hope...

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