How do you look at Gurudeva? As God or as Guru?


Do you see Him as Shri Hari or Maa? Or do you worship Him separately as your Guru

Are the existences of Shri Hari/Maa and Gurudeva different for you?

➡️If Yes, then how do you deal with the duality of their existences?

➡️If No, then can you share and elaborate your feelings regarding this?

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You've asked a beautiful question that made me think! Thanks for asking the same.

Even though Swami also functions as my Guru, I don't perceive him as my Guru. For me,

  • Swami in the physical body: 
    • He is Shiva - The Yoga Yogeshvar!
    • He is an instrument of Devi, the Divine Mother.
    • Like all physical bodies, his body has limitations. 
    • He too experiences aches and pains like all of us. So, I feel care and concern for him.
  • Swami in functioning:
    • He is Hari - The Raja Rajeshvar!
    • He alleviates our sufferings and protects us, like Hari.
    • His love for the world is unconditional and pure, like Vishnu.
  • Swami in essence: 
    • Is the Formless Divine Energy, which is beyond names and forms.
    • I refer to that as Devi or Om, which is what Swami truly is.

He started as a saint, became my guru, and is now my prabhu.


Supreme Lord has two aspects for me, the one is formless Bramhan, pure consciousness which is present in each and everything, animate as well as inanimate, ever conscious of all that exists.There is only pure consciousness that exists, I do not think over this truth, as this reality is beyond the realm of limited mind . At this level, all I do is put all my entire attention on the feeling that I exist. There is no duality as there is no mind( flow of thoughts) that can conceive name, or form. 

The second aspect to me, is the same supreme Lord with form, at this level, I am just a tiny speck of dust that exists in the Supreme Lord, all my lifetimes, I adored him in the form of my shyamasundar( Lord Krishna) and the same form has manifested to me in the form of Gurudev. He is the Lord of my universe. After having darshan of Swamiji, my mind no more dwell on any other form. Any form I pray to, I pray to him alone. He is my savior and I am his servant 🌺🌺🌺


For me Swamiji is my world, the purpose of my life on this planet. He is everything, Sri Hari,Divine mother ,Shiva and my Guru🙏


In my humble opinion, rather than looking, what's more important is what do you feel about him in your heart and soul? Let me tell you couple of stories as I recall it.

In May 2015, when I first visited Swamiji in this body in ashram, on the second evening, while I was seated in front of the Garb Griha railing, a thought came in my mind: if he's my Guru then I should get some feeling. It was based on something I had read somewhere. As Swamiji came in front – inside the railing, I experienced a spontaneous and distinct feeling of a contraction of muscle in the middle of the chest. (In devotion, if you get surge of bhav (emotion), you experience something like this.)

My soul accepted him as my Guru so there was no going back. Though the mind had raise doubts once in a while, each such time I just asked it to shut up. As Swamiji says, "Ghrinit se ghrinit vichar bhi man mein aa sakta hai (the most despicable thought can also come to one's mind)"

In July 2016, a friend/colleague of mine visited with me to the ashram. It was his first visit. He had his doubts which only aggravated due to certain events happening around – our first discourse of that visit was the intense one in which Swamiji spoke about those events.

On the eve of Hare Krishna Kirtan, the sand mountain of doubts he had just got washed away with a gentle tied of divine grace. He has the right to share his experience in detail. The only thing I can tell is that, his soul recognized Swamiji as Sri Hari.

After that, that feeling, that recognition has stood with him during all these years – regardless of the life's challenges, of which there was no dearth in both his personal and professional lives. I had his real story in mind, while I wrote this line in Beware Of God 

Unless you’ve distinctly and spontaneously felt God-like emotion for a human being, do not take him or her as your personal God or Goddess.

Both of us had different experiences, with different inner feelings toward Swamiji. Neither of those are false especially because both feeling have stood for years. 

Coming back to the visit, actually it was really special. I discovered a form of my Lord within soon after the visit.

By that time, I had already read Om Swami As We Know Him, in which Sadhviji has mentioned the following:

Swami appears to you in the sentiment in which you revere Him. If He’s merely a guru to you, then He’ll play out the role most beautifully, but if He’s your God, only then and then alone will you experience His mystical and divine side. He’s all pervading.

Somewhere I felt I'd be missing out if I just took Swamiji as my Guru. Here there were multiple folks – my friend and Sadhviji – who had experienced and took him as divine. So, in my subsequent visit in late August, I had following conversation with Swamiji on the same (paraphrased – it happened in mostly Hindi):

"I don't see you as Bhagavan, like others do. How will I progress?"

"Actually, that halts the progress because then you think that I've found God. SO, just see me as a good saint."

So, IMO, listen to your heart and soul and find out your truth as to how you should see him.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏

Edit: removed the paragraph which attempted to expound on what Swamiji said. I think it's better to let the readers take the message based on the tales, as per the guidance of their inner being.

Also, an expanded version of this answer is posted as a post here


अच्छा प्रश्न है अनितोष भैया,

जैसा श्री देवी दीदी ने बताया, स्वामी जी के लिए शरीर उनकी काम करने की मशीन है और वो उससे मशीन की तरह काम लेते हैं, ये शिकायत भी हैं उनसे😌,

धीरे-धीरे ही सही पर अब जाना कि स्वामी जी मेरी सोच और समझ से परें हैं , एक श्लोक याद आता है।

"न में मृत्य शंका ,न में जातिभेदः। पिता नैव में नैव माता न जनमः"

न बंधुर ,न मित्रं ,गुरुर नैव, शिष्यम, चिदानंद रूपम शिवोहम शिवोहम'

साष्टांग प्रणाम स्वामी जी🌺🌺👏👏

किसी त्रुटि के लिए क्षमाप्रार्थी हूँ👏👏


The honest answer for me is, that this varies for me. Sometimes it is (a), and sometimes it is (b).
And answering not from an understanding point of view, but from a feeling perspective.



Swami ji is my Guru and he is my God too . I see Sri Hari in him . After meeting him I felt I was sitting in God's divine presence and ever since - have never doubted for a second that he is the par brahm and vishwa vihari we sing about in the Sri Hari Aarti


How far one can see, after all?  Till her sight goes. As my own eye sight is limited and can only reach till a particular point, I have yet to see his Full Divine Form. I have yet to be blessed with that ONE personal Divine experience. I have yet to get that divya drishti which God himself gives to the devotee to have HIS DIVINE DARSHAN.  

Am very sure of soon being a witness to that ONE DIVINE EXPERIENCE which would quench my thirst for once and all. 🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️

Jai Shri Hari😊😊


I see Swami Ji as a Guru, as a lighthouse, as a friend, as a spiritual companion who will eventually lead me to find God!!!


It depends on the bhaava. My Son when he saw Swamiji at the age of 4 told me that Swamiji is Buddha. To me, Swamiji is always resplendent.


Anitosh ji - I think we can look whichever bhaav we have and we see that form. The soul who has merged in Supreme is one with that. 


As a father.


Swami ji is my Guru and he is my God too . I see Sri Hari in him . After meeting him I felt I was sitting in God's divine presence and ever since - have never doubted for a second that he is the par brahm and vishwa vihari we sing about in the Sri Hari Aarti

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