If Time and Money were not a constraint, what 5 things u would do all the time?


If Time and Money were not a constraint, what 5 things u would do all the time?

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1. I am going to visit entire Himalayas. Every mountain, every beautiful place like Badrinath, Every lake, literally everything available in our Himalayas.

2. Going to taste all kinds of food available throughout India, like every food available in every city, every state.

3. Will buy a humongous telescope and scan the entire sky available out there.

4. Going to visit space, specially Planet Mars.

5. No one will die due to hunger/shortage of food. No more deaths/suicides due to poverty.


1) Travel the world (especially national parks or somewhere close to nature)

2) Read as many books as I please and not finish them if I don't like them.

3) Run a shelter for less fortunate animals.

4) Do some work (a less productive day is not as much fun)

5) Paint to my heart's content and experiment with however many mediums I please. 


1.Travel,more Mantra Jaap and Sadhna

2.Join Dance and Music class

3.Gardening and organic farming

4.More time and resources for my parents

5. Work for setting up old age homes with better facilities


1. Serve for a good cause for more hours 

2. Try to meditate more

3. Exercises more regularly 

4. Spend more time with family

5. Visit Badrik Ashram more often and for longer period of time 😊


1. I would spend time in nature more. More travel to places that are interesting and more adventure. 

2. I would spend time with family and friends more. Example since I live abroad, I would visit family more often and for longer duration.

3. I would pursue a hobby/interest more. Maybe tennis, squash? 


jai Sri Hari Hetal ji.

Good question but a bit tricky one too. I can't do selected 5 things all the time, I would consider having some variety.😎 Eg: If I say I would travel worldwide, I would like to rest somewhere too, and not just travel all the time. No human being can do the same thing all the time. Even If I say, I will chat "The Divine" in my mind, when I am in a deep sleep, my mind is not accessible. so that doesn't work either.

So not considering the literal meaning of "all the time", here is what I would do if time and Money were not a constraint:

Visit Ashram often as I wish. Living in the US, no time constraint will help here. 

That's about it. There is nothing else on my list. 

🙏 जय गुरुदेव 🙏


Write my story 

spend time with our swamiji’ discourses 

spend time with my children 

visit my family every year 

learn Bhagwat Geeta 

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