Is Vikas Divyakirti statement is found in Valmiki Ramayana?


I (Ram) did not fight this war for you (Sita) but for the respect of my lineage. As ghee licked by a dog is not fit for eating, you Sita, are not fit for me."

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Here's the chapter related to this. I don't see those exact words, but yes, Lord Rama did disown Ma Sita in the conversation. However, if one reads it with an open mind and the context, one would understand the reason easily.

First, this comes:

11. The heart of King Rama, as he saw Seetha, (the beloved of his heart) near him, was torn for fear of public scandal.

Since Rama was a king, he knew that accepting Ma Sita as is would lead to a negative discourse in the public as she lived in Ravana's palace for 11 months. He's already fulfilled his dharma to restore her freedom, it's time to restore her respect as well as ensure that the dharma of a responsible king aren't sacrificed. Because:

19. Which noble man, born in an illustrious race, will take back a woman who lived in another's abode, with an eager mind?

This statement goes to show exactly that: accepting her as is would be considered an act done in blind attachment to or lust for her by the society. And since Rama was a maryada purushotam incarnation, his dharma was to set an example as a righteous king.

He further says:

21. You were won by me with that end in view (viz. the retrieval of my lost honour). The honour has been restored by me. For me, there is no intense attachment
in you. You may go wherever you like from here.

He says the exact thing that he's not going to accept her out of attachment.


22. O gracious lady! Therefore, this has been spoken by me today, with a resolved mind. Set you mind on Lakshmana or Bharata, as per your ease.
23. O Seetha! Otherwise, set your mind either on Shatrughna or on Sugreeva or on Vibhishana the demon; or according to your own comfort.
24. Seeing you, who are endowed with a beautiful form and attractive to the sense, detained for long in his abode, Ravana could not have endured your separation.

He's now given her options and freedom to choose anyone without any issue from his side.

If   Ma Sita wasn't chased, she could have chosen some option seeing that her husband wasn't willing to accept her. But, since she was chastity incarnate, she'd instead choose to go through the fire test on her own will.

From the Sarga 116:

18. O Lakshmana! Create a pile of fire, for me, which is a remedy for this disaster. I no longer wish to survive, smitten as am with false blames.

19. I will enter a fire, to obtain the only course appropriate for me, who has been abandoned amidst an assembly of men, by my husband who was not satisfied
with my traits.

Further, once Ma Sita was carried out of the fire alive by the Fire God, Rama spoke reasons of why had he acted in this manner.

IN the Sarga 118:

13. Seetha certainly deserves this pure factory ordeal in the eyes of the people in as much as this blessed woman had resided for a long time indeed in the
gynaecium of Ravana.

(Above statement confirms the first reason of removing any doubt as to her chastity in the people's eyes.)

14. The world would chatter against me, saying that Rama, the son of Dasaratha, was really foolish and that his mind was dominated by lust, if I accept Seetha
without examining her with regard to her chastity.

(Above statement confirms the second reason of not appearing as acted out of lust/attachment toward her.)

Further Rama reveals his real understanding and trust for Ma Sita:

15. I also know that Seetha, the daughter of Janaka, who ever revolves in my mind, is undivided in her affection to me.

16. Ravana could not violate this wide-eyed woman, protected as she was by her own splendour, any more than an ocean would transgress its bounds.

17. In order to convince the three worlds, I, whose refugee is truth, ignored Seetha while she was entering the fire.

18. The evil-minded Ravana was not able to lay his violent hands, even in thought, o the unobtainable Seetha, who was blazing like a flaming tongue of fire.

And now the biggest statement in which Lord Rama mentions that Sita is no different from him, as sunlight isn't different from sun:

19. This auspicious woman could not give way to the sovereignty, existing in the gynaecium of Ravana, in as much as Seetha is not different from me, even
as sunlight is not different from the sun.

Nothing is kept hidden in our scriptures as there's no need to hide the truth. However, as Swamiji says in Bhagavat Katha when talking about people questioning and deriding on Krishna's Ras (paraphrased):

With polluted intellect, people are trying to understand the character of the Ishwara who is supremely pure, supremely awakened and the primal source.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


Jai Sri Hari. The Valmiki Ramayan has no such references. I have read the translation by Ramesh Menon. I previously had questions about the Ramayana, especially Ma Sita's abandonment. On Ram Navami, which fell during NavDurga Sadhana, Swamiji gave a small talk on the birth of Sri Ram. When I saw the tenderness and absolute love with which he talked about him, all my questions left me. He described the birth of Rama and how when Ma Kaushlaya saw his divine Swaroop, she begged him to become a child again. While he said all this, Matarani sat near him, and she was beaming and teary. The mother and son bond between Ma Kaushalya and Lord Rama was mirrored in Matranai and Swami's interaction at that moment. After that moment, I never had any questions about Ramayana. 

The best way to kill a culture is to smear its heroes and gods. Since we are a tolerant race and our scriptures are open to interpretation, we are especially vulnerable to it. Now I don't analyze the Ramayana. Simply soaking in Rama bhakti using Ramcharitmanas is the best way.

This video is a good starting point if you are interested in how scholars have challenged the Uttar Ramayana. I have personally set a simple benchmark. If it's not something my Swami would ever say to someone, Lord Rama could not have possibly said it. 

Remember, Ma Sita is the mother to the whole universe. When he speaks of her, he speaks of the Devi. How is such a statement even possible?


"you Sita, are not fit for me."

Lord Rama told this because she is not mother Sita, she is chaya(shadow) sita, which devas created, you can refer to Swamiji discourse Bhagavat Katha and bannanje govindacharya in his books(Kannada language) also told the same thing.


Ram.. I believe a lot in Hanuman Ji. Yet, I wasn't praying to Lord Ram. I knew of the devotion of Lord Hanuman to Lord Ram, but this wasn't something I noticed. For me, it was always Lord Hanuman. 

Your question isn't a coincidence. In a world of hypocrisy, conspiracy theories and constant bashing against the Sanatan Dharma, I also fell prey to doubts. Yet, I was too busy to earn my daily bread to dwell on all that. Quite recently, I caught myself chanting "Ram. Ram, Ram.." over and over again. I felt that I was going to die, thus my consciousness was going haywire. 

I also thought that I might have listened to some bhajan. I wasn't chanting mindfully; I am guilty of that. But why was the chanting occurring? I felt an incredible warmth around my chest every time. This is how I noticed the chanting. 

I can't imagine Lord Ram crossing the land and ocean to find his wife. Then spurning her just like that. My faith is strong. We are a parcel of divine energy. Our internal voice is ever strong. Does yours have doubts? Ask it again. Deep down Lord Ram is filling your heart with boundless love. 

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