Meeting with Swamiji in a group



Can anyone please share their experience s of a group meeting with Swamiji? 

Jai Sri Hari

3 Answers

A glance from an enlightened Guru is enough to transform a disciple. If you recall, Ramana Maharishi just transmitted through a glance.

I share this to say just a glance is enough, so don't worry about externals - did I ask a question,  does he know my issues. Be in the presence and be blessed.

Some may be only at discourses only, but be assured that Mother Divine is taking care of all her children.



We were sent together to the meeting room.... All prostrated and started one by one asking questions or seeking blessings in random order.... Some sat nearby His seat & asked to touch feet/bless some flower by touching... Some even gave paper chits with whatever they wanted to tell Him written on them... 

Then when time was over other SwamiJi came in and requested politely to leave.... & All started leaving one by one with again doing pranams/prayers to Him.

Tip:  don't hesitate to say anything... Because other people would be too nervous/excited themselves, they won't remember. & Also it's your rare chance... You don't get to meet & express your views to Him often.

Jai Sri Hari.

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