Success brings appreciation , envy .How can we keep ego in check ?



Success brings appreciation , envy .How can we keep ego in check ? especially when people try to insult you or your family.

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You are correct - not everything about success is rosy. But when we realise that the envy and appreciation is more to do with your actions than YOU as a person - you can detach yourself with the response it brings into your life. As far as parents/ family/ friends are concerned - it is like if they are open to the appreciation, they should be open to the envy and brickbats as well. Again, it is a phase and will go away. 


2 suggestions -

1) Remove the Karta/Doership feeling -  Understand it is the divine mother, who is working through as a medium.  This understanding, in the beginning, may be intellectual but over time as you develop more surrender, devotion, and mindfulness, you can see the work of mother in everything.

2) Just remember nothing really matters in the end.  We are just a tiny dot in the whole universe. 


Tricky one. The best way to eliminate envy is to keep success quiet. Any little success I ever had, I kept it quiet.
And also realise that we don’t have to explain anything to anyone.

As for appreciation if we keep the success quiet then appreciation reduces because no one knows anyway, so then the ego is kept in check😅

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